How Prodigitz Media’s #LIVThisDiwali For Sony LIV Created Engagement Via Facebook App

Case study by Prodigitz Media for Sony LIV in which the agency lent a social angle to its exclusive Diwali movie by building a Facebook app for fans to send personalized greetings


The Client

Sony LIV is your online destination for Sony Entertainment Network. This is the place where you can watch all your favourite shows – past and present Jab Aap Chahein!

The Agency

Prodigitz Media- Our creative minds deal in everything but the ordinary. Equipped with an extensive understanding of the digital space we provide optimized experiences across all digital channels. Combining the distinct aspects of digital marketing, we ensure your brand receives proper recognition.

Problem Statement

Diwali is a festival of togetherness. It is the time of the year where people want to indulge in endless shopping, eat sweets by the dozen, adorn shelves with gifts and illuminate their houses with candles and diyas (earthen lamps) and celebrate all these with their family and loved ones.

Yes, it is Diwali, the most joyous time of the year in India and it brings an unparalleled gusto and gaiety with it. However, world has changed, meaning of relations has changed, spirit of festivities has transformed, mode of celebrations & wishes have revolutionized manifolds in this technology age. Studies, jobs, busy lives have caught in and as we become more reliant on our mobile phones, we have actually become more disconnected from each other. Real connection is what is craved.

Sony LIV wanted to use this opportunity to break the clutter in the busiest season of the year “Diwali”. Amongst all these drastic transformations of the technology era, Sony LIV wanted to set themselves apart by touching the lives of the people.

Identified Objective

SonyLIV wanted to act as an enabler by facilitating a platform where people can celebrate the festival of lights and bond together during “Diwali”.


The amount of time that people spend with their family is not what it used to be. Even when everyone is together they are pre-occoupied in their own mobile phones or work. While we are all affected by the fast pace of our lives, we decided to cherish the family connections during this Diwali by celebrating and lighting the lamps of brotherhood and love in our souls through an exclusive OTT video content.

Videos are one of the most persuasive of all visual tools as it’s capable of delivering emotions clearly. While emotions are very short-lived feelings that come from a known cause; a video would help accentuate the feelings and stays in the audiences mind for a longer time. SonyLIV created an  exclusive movie “Chhoti Khushi” for Diwali, making it the first ever OTT platform to create content.

To bring in an element of brand connect and recall, #LIVThisDiwali was created which aptly conveyed the thought of family bond, love and joy. The campaign echoed the complete idea of the movie and could be encapsulated in one single line, ‘Chhoti khushiyon ka bada mauka’. Isse khul ke manaye Sony LIV Jab aap chahein.


We decided to allow people to share their personalized greetings with their family and loved ones by creating an app on Facebook. The greeting could then be posted on their Facebook and Twitter profiles as well as shared on the walls of who the greeting was made for. We gave them a beautiful opportunity to send a heartfelt personalized greeting to their loved ones.


  • The “Chhoti Khushi” video went viral during the Diwali week with it being one of the most viewed video during the Diwali period.
  • Unlimited forwards through Whatsapp for the video.
  • 325+ personalized greetings sent to their loved ones wishing a very auspicious Diwali.
  • More than 2,00,000 views on our “Chhoti Khushi” video in one single day.
  • They received more than 500 tweets to their handle and more than 1100 retweets on their tweets.
  • The hashtag #LIVThisDiwali trended for 4 hours Pan India.
  • On Twitter, Sony LIV’s follower base increased by 1800 during the campaign.
  • Celebrities tweeted about the movie as well as used the #LIVThisDiwali application to send greetings to their family and loved ones on social media.
  • Various digital news portals like AFAQS and Business Standard and many more covered the campaign and it was also rated as one of the best campaigns of Diwali.


Creating original content plays a huge part in encouraging the users to associate with the brand and sustaining interest.

While content is the king, social media is still an effective platform to reach out to the right audience and connect with them.

The brand increases its share of voice, if the brand uses the right keywords and if it can be associated with the masses during a festival. Here, LIVThisDiwali became viral because of the sentiments related to Diwali and the usage of simple campaign name.