Sony Brings ‘Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage’ On To Social Media

Sony Entertainment Television creates buzz for its new show 'Love ya arranged marriage' on social media

Love marriage ya arranged marriage, Sony Entertainment Television’s latest show slated to be on air this evening, has managed to create a buzz on social media too.

Everywhere we set our eyes, we see that social media is being used extensively in tandem with other media. Outdoor hoardings also display the social networks a brand is present on, without which a brand can look obsolete. Besides, social media itself is being employed by all other media to create the buzz for them, be it print or television!

Sony Entertainment Television, has jumped onto social media for its latest serial and rightfully so. Given the debatable topic around which the serial is focused on ‘Love marriage or Arranged marriage’, the channel has a wonderful scope for building conversations around it. And what better medium than social networks to gauge what your audience thinks about this topic.

Taking ‘Love marriage ya arranged marriage’ to the blogger community

Sony has launched a blogging contest titled same as the TV serial it is promoting, in association with Indiblogger, an Indian blogger community. A brief introduction to the concept of the serial is given where two best friends believe in a happy marriage, but are on opposite sides in the love or arranged marriage debate.

Bloggers have been invited to share their side of the debate with absolutely cool incentives thrown in. There are 3 Amazon Kindle Fires, 5 Amazon Kindles and 35 Shopping vouchers to be won, apart from every participant winning a gift hamper from the channel.

As with all blogging contests on Indiblogger, a debate has already begun at the Indiblogger forum around this contest and its topic. Votes do not matter; creativity and originality are the only two factors that would be judged. Besides, there is a rule that stories should have a link to the Facebook page of the TV serial, which is a recent trend in blogging contests at Indiblogger.

Love marriage ya arranged marriage on Facebook

The brand new Facebook page has already garnered 593 fans with 672 talking about them. By linking all blog posts generated from the blogging contest to the Facebook page, the channel makes sure to drive traffic to the Facebook page. But then doesn’t offer much on the page for fans. For a serial scheduled to be on air soon, the page shows a poor engagement strategy.

Content does not excite you enough to join the debate. Most of the updates revolve around asking fans what side they are on - love or arranged! Perhaps the channel plans to build upon fan engagement as the serial begins to gain popularity, but for now the content is most likely to drive them away of boredom.

Love marriage ya arranged marriage on Twitter

The blogging contest displays a hashtag #LoveYaArranged similar to most blogging contests on Indiblogger. Bloggers are supposed to be using this while tweeting their post links, but this hasn’t been mentioned. Anyways, this is quite a smart feature to incorporate as this would help the channel to keep a track on the conversations around the serial on Twitter too.

Apart from this, nothing else has been done. The serial hasn’t created an account on Twitter yet, so it remains to be seen what tracking the hashtags could really mean. The channel, however, is present on Twitter but in an inactive state.

Could ‘Love marriage ya arranged marriage’ have been better?

It is impressive to see a TV serial interact with audiences through social media, especially with the blogger community. The integration with Facebook and Twitter is also nice but I feel the campaign could have don’t better with some brainstorming.

Firstly, campaigns need to be integrated and well-defined. Campaigns cannot cater in silos, especially when audiences are divided across all kinds of mediums and are likely to be active only in a few of them. The blogging contest has a link to the Facebook page but the Facebook page does not share about the contest. Also, going further, the blogposts generated by the contest could be shared by the brand page on its wall leading to increased visibility and awareness for the serial. All this could create the necessary debate as the campaign was originally designed to do.

Also, employing a Twitter hashtag without having a Twitter account does not make any sense to me. Twitter may provide you just 140 characters but  there is a good potential in those limited characters to create conversations or buzz around a certain topic.

Although, the concept of the serial is a debatable one, the debate seems to be thrown open only to the bloggers. What do you think?