#AlphaStories - A Boy Discovers His Mom’s Sacrifices Through His Sony Alpha

For the launch of Alpha series of DSLR cameras, Sony India has launched a film where a young photographer discovers his mother's sacrifices after being advised to shoot her hands for the best story

sony alphastories

They were no ordinary hands. They were the hands of the most beautiful and loving woman in this world” - Priyankar Patra, a young aspiring photographer goes on to discover his mother’s life through the lines on her palms. He had set about to learn photography , but instead been advised to shoot his mother’s hand.

Marking the launch of its first advertising campaign for the Alpha series of DSLR cameras, Sony India has launched a three-minute film which tells the experience of Priyankar Patra, a 21-year old photography enthusiast who recently bought an Alpha camera. Conceptualized by Hakuhodo Percept, the video story is based on the theme – “There’s more to a picture”.

The film follows the account of Priyankar and his experience with Santosh Verma, one of the most renowned photographers in the country. Set in Kolkata, the film begins with Priyankar talking about his excitement at being able to meet Verma - a meeting facilitated by Sony. Having purchased a Sony Alpha camera, he had written to Sony about his wish to learn more about photography, and the camera maker set him up with the photographer.

During their interaction, Santosh tells Priyankar not to click pictures, but to “shoot stories”. After spending an entire day taking pictures together, when Priyankar still couldn’t fully comprehend his advice, Santosh tells him to go home and shoot his mother’s hand.

In a very moving moment, the film then follows Priyankar who discovers how to see the world and his mother in a completely different light, through his Alpha and with Santosh’s advice.

Shot more like a documentary, the film goes beyond being an advertisement to bring out the stories existing in places we never thought them to be. I’m quite touched by the concept and the natural flow in the story.

The video leads to the Sony Alpha stories website where Priyankar explains his alpha story in more detail. The site also gives more information about the Alpha series of DSLR cameras and provides a way to join the community of like-minded photography enthusiasts - the Sony Alpha community.  The video film is being shared on the 1.8 million fan strong Sony India Facebook page, after being unveiled through teaser updates asking fans if a picture can change the way they see this world.

This is one of those beautiful campaigns that stay on inside you forever. There’s indeed more to a picture!