Titan’s Sonata Ropes In Rapper Badshah To Connect With The Millennials

Sonata Watches has launched a new TVC featuring rapper Badshah in a fresh new rap style song; we look at the social media launch of the TVC

Sonata Karotohshaanse

India is set to have the largest youth population in the world by 2020. And every brand wants to tap into this massive emerging consumer base of youngsters raring to go. Sonata Watches, a hardly known youth brand is also jumping on to cater to the new age millennials. The watches brand from the house of Titan has roped in Bollywood rapper and musician, Badshah in its new TVC.

Designed like an anthem, the TVC is more like a warcry to the youth -‘Karo, Toh Shaan Se’. Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas and produced by 30 Seconds of Fame, the TVC has music by Clinton Cerejo with Badshah featuring as himself.

The ad starts with a live performance from Badshah on stage, while a large crowd of youngsters is cheering on. On an impulse, Badshah throws a challenge at the crowd; he calls out to them to come onto the stage only if they are original. While the crowd is looking on, Badshah spots a young man in the crowd and throws the mike out to him, challenging him to come up on stage.

Hesitating at first but eventually encouraged by the crowd, the young guy jumps up on stage, and surprises Badshah with his impromptu rapping. Soon the duo rap together ‘Karo, toh shaan se’ to a cheering crowd. A super at the end says, ‘Sonata..Karo, toh shaan se’.


Uploaded on the Sonata Watches YouTube channel on the 13th of March, the video has garnered over 100K views. While there has been a social media push, the ads were also run as YouTube pre-rolls.

On the digital front, the brand’s social media assets started building curiosity way before it launched the new TVC. The social community was invited to guess the celebrity in the upcoming ad. The Facebook and Twitter pages of Sonata shared blurred visuals of Badshah a week in advance, before sharing the video. Lines from the rap song were also shared in the images. This was followed by a contest asking people to watch the TVC to complete the lines of the rap song. Content shared created social buzz around the campaign anthem #KaroThoShaanSe.

Better late than never

Now who would have imagined Sonata to come up with a rap song featuring a hot and happening rapper in Bollywood? Not only is the concept a cool one for its TVC, but also a giant leap of faith by the Titan-owned watch brand. With this new anthem, ‘Karo, toh shaan se’, Sonata has managed to redefine its brand image and appeal to the youngsters in the country. With lyrics that go like, “Jab bhi bulalo hum, maidaan mein aayenge..ek mauka chahiye, phod ke dikhayenge”, the brand has managed to not only speak the language of the youth but also reflect their aspirational attitude in life and celebrate their originality.

Social media push was an average one, though. Building curiosity about Badshah and driving video views through a contest did create a decent social buzz for the TVC, but these strategies are not new. Sonata has a lot of scope to carry this campaign further on social media and reach out to its target audience. Perhaps it could begin by crowdsourcing lyrics for Badshah’s new rap song.