Son Of Sardaar Launches Its YouTube Campaign

About the social media presence of Son of Sardaar, a forthcoming Bollywood movie which stars Ajay Devgn in the main lead.


Son of Sardaar, a forthcoming Bollywood movie which stars Ajay Devgn in the main lead has launched its Youtube Campaign. The movie is investing handsomely on social media to promote it among fans.

Come this Diwali and you will once again see the Bollywood star Ajay Devgn riding something new. The popular star started his career by riding two bikes at the same time for his first movie “Phool Aur Kaante.” Now in his forthcoming latest romance drama film “Son Of Sardaar” (SOS), he would be riding two horses at the same time. Nothing much has changed from 1991, we love our heroes for such acts. The movie that is scheduled to release on 13th November, 2012, also has Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt & Juhi Chawla in lead roles.

The movie has already launched an extensive marketing campaign for the Diwali release has put its bet on social media. In addition to the YouTube campaign the movie has created a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

son_of_sardar youtube ad

YouTube Campaign

YouTube is my source of entertainment so the banner ad of the movie was the first thing that struck me. The ad is a video where you see the larger than life stunt from the movie SOS. The video shows Ajay riding two horses and once the ad is over, upon click it takes you to its YouTube brand page.

The YouTube brand page, which has more than 154 subscribers has got a good response for a day old video clip. The video that was released via the ad has got more than 42K views and definitely is going to grow with time. The channel has got some more videos but the popularity will grow with the addition of some more interesting video content.

Other Networks


Other than YouTube, the movie has a prominent presence on Facebook. The page was launched in the month of February and has managed to gain 188K fans. The content strategy at present focuses on promoting the trailers of the movie and at the same time concentrating on the sardaar attitude. The SOS attitude and breathtaking stunts is one of the USP’s of the movie and associating that to current day events is not a bad way to get your fans talking.

However, networks like Twitter and Google Plus have not been used effectively. Twitter is not that bad with a follower count of more than 700 plus but Google Plus has been wasted. The content being shared is the same that is being shared across all networks.

One of the reasons is that repetitive content might not be exciting to the users. So the question is - should we expand ourselves everywhere or just work on one for a while and then decide the next network.

Ending Thoughts

There is more than 2 months for the movie to spark of engagement among fans. The initiative by SOS has been good but they need to brainstorm on the content strategy. Just creating an ad for YouTube and driving it to a brand page is nascent.

We saw recently how Barfi had used YouTube in an interactive way and made sure that it kept fans engaged. Previously, we had seen the same interactivity during the promotion of Ra One. Compared to it, SOS is providing plain vanilla content.

I wish that SOS will fasten it’s safety belt on social media considering that there are only two months. Do you believe that a good social media presence helps in increasing it’s chance to bring fans closer to the booking window?