Sanitary Pad Maker Sofy Chooses Music And Poetry To Empower Women On Their Periods #Imnotdown

Sofy wants girls on their periods to not feel 'down', hence the feminine hygiene brand has launched #imnotdown social campaign that uses poetry, music and live interviews to drive home the message


Advertising is getting bolder in this mixed world of digital and traditional media. The message is a hard-hitting one while the product often takes backstage. Brands are taking up social causes acting as enablers in its eradication. Take for instance Whisper’s #TouchThePickle campaign last year where this sanitary napkin brand from P&G initiated conversations on ‘period taboos’ with the aim to remove the stigma associated with them.

Sofy, the feminine hygiene product from Unicharm India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan-based Unicharm Corporation, wants to change mindsets on periods through its latest campaign called #Imnotdown.

Girls on their periods are often told to stay indoors, take rest or steer clear from physical activities as they must be ‘feeling low’ or ’feeling down’. While it is true that a section of women undergo painful periods or feel discomfort and fatigue at times, it is not mandatory for all menstruating females to feel ‘down’.

Sofy has taken it upon itself to throw light on the need to eradicate this feeling ‘down’ during periods. The highly affirmative campaign has roped in influential youngsters to encourage girls to say #Iamnotdown, through the use of real interviews, music and poetry slam.

Sofy asked three women why they said they were feeling ‘down’ when on their periods. Their responses were captured on to a video, which begin with the girls not knowing the actual reason to finally getting the message across.

In this 2.5 minute film, singers Khyati and Kavya Trehan sing a song to drive home the message. “I’m on my period, but #Iamnotdown.”

The #Iamnotdown poetry slam by Rene Sharanya Verma, a student who’s also raps to raise awareness of misogyny in India (famous for her rap slamming Honey Singh), has some hard-hitting lines on the feeling of ‘feeling down’ during periods.

The 2.15 minute poetry slam has the girl thrashing perceptions and euphemisms surrounding periods.

The hashtag #Imnotdown has pulled up some interesting conversations which are skewed towards positive social sentiments for the brand and the need for a new thought process around periods. The videos have been appreciated and shared by men and women alike.

Getting millennials to talk to millennials

The concept of roping in millennials to drive a change in mindset could just be the winning move here. Bringing in Rene who created a social media sensation with her open letter to rapper Honey Singh or having the teenage sisters Khyati and Kavya sing along to break the myth is bound to strike a chord with the new generation.

For a women’s hygiene brand like Sofy, a digitally empowering campaign like #Imnotdown could just be the answer to getting noticed among the FMCG giants like P&G, HUL, etc. The brand could further build on the conversations that are generating organically due to the videos.