Society Tea’s Refreshing Campaign On Social Media

An article that talks about the Society Tea's Refreshing Campaign Brand New Day On Social Media

In today’s world, most of us are running behind time. We have become so materialistic and competitive that we have forgotten the small joys of life. In the race of making a place in the society, most of the times I have forgotten my old parents, often missed helping my wife or having fun with my brother. It’s not that we don’t realize it but then we fail to make the time for it. Now what if you get a chance to relive those moments and enjoy the little things that will make our near and dear ones happy? For now, four very interesting people are getting a chance to do so and what holds them together is their love for “ek pyali chai”. Society Tea, one of India’s oldest tea brands has launched its first online campaign, ‘Brand New Day’ ((As reported by Best Media Info)).  The campaign has been designed to give more than just a routine day so that the four people can make the most of each day.

society tea
society tea campaign

‘Brand New Day’, a campaign designed by Smursh Media has invited four people to do new things each day in the course of 10 days. It is like fulfilling the small wishes that you always wanted to do but failed to do so and that’s not all, the participants will also blog about their interesting activities. Anubha Bhat, Harshad Sharma, Mahafreed and Kristopher are the four chosen ones who are making the most of each day and sharing their experiences on the Society Tea Blog. So if you would love to know how Harshad felt and what fun they had when he and his brother cooked an exotic meal for their mother or if you want to know what is tasseography, then you must head straight to the blog. I really had fun in reading these small stories. I too wish I were an online influencer!

A very refreshing online campaign and well positioned with the brand. The campaign is not only giving a chance to the four people to do certain things they might have wished for, but also creating a positive word of mouth around the brand. I am really happy to see the brand adopting blog as a main strategic tool and then spreading the words from the blog to social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Even though it is not a blogging contest, I am confident that after reading the activities of these 4 people, there would be many more praying to be invited in the second edition of the campaign.

The idea of inviting online influencers is understood, as it will give the campaign the far-reaching effects on social media. However, if the brand wants to carry this further then they could have a team of two influencers and two fans selected from the community. The more the better if the brand wants to start a small contest for selecting the two fans or may be ask the community to select the next batch of influencers. This will surely build up more excitement for the campaign.

Nevertheless, in the times when every brand is hungry to increase its fan count with ‘like’ tactics and a silly contest, Society Tea is creating it’s own benchmark within social media. For now, I am really interested in reading more of the other interesting stories that have been shared on the blog.

Don’t you think this is a smartly designed fascinating campaign without creating big holes in the pocket of the brand?