Society Tea #OneMinuteTeaChallenge - a digital campaign uniquely crafted for the One Minute Tea

For the newly launched 'One Minute Tea', the tea maker has sparked off a fun challenge on digital asking users to solve a puzzle within a minute, as their tea brews along

Tea lovers know a perfect cup of tea. The aroma, the flavour, the spices, all need to release their magic spells at just the right amount and the right time. For me, a perfect cup of refreshing ginger-cardamom tea is 6 minutes of dedicated focus: grating half an inch of fresh ginger into boiling tea leaves, adding one freshly ground cardamom, then a little milk and sugar. But, few would indulge in this labour-intensive process, given our fast-paced lives.

For the vast majority, there is something new, something promising the same freshness and aroma of a perfect cup of tea, minus the hassles – no mess, no leaves, no cleaning up. Society Tea, the legacy tea makers from Hasmukhrai & Co have launched a range of instant premixes called ‘One Minute Tea’ in ginger, elaichi and masala flavours.

Society Tea’s consumer research found tea consumers wanting hassle-free cups of tea but they did not wish to compromise on the taste. While a tea bag was seen as being able to provide this convenience, there were still issues like tea not as ‘good’ like a satisfying cup of tea. The answer led to creating the ‘One Minute Tea’.

“We built our own state of the art whitener (milk powder) and instant tea plant in Gujarat so as to ensure that, the milk in the tea is just right and up to our quality standards while the tea incorporates all the freshness and aroma that Society Tea drinkers have come to expect from a cup of Society Tea,” Karan Shah, Director shared about the new product.

So, when you are pressed for time and are craving for a refreshing cup of tea, you do not have to make do with tea bags anymore. All you need is a minute to heat water and Society Tea’s ‘One Minute Tea’. The idea became the core of its launch campaign, which mostly leveraged digital, posing a challenge to consumers: ‘Beat us in a game
before we make the One Minute Tea.’

The idea was illustrated in a series of brand films. In this one, a saree salesman needs to wear a saree before the tea is ready, but alas!

To create buzz on digital, the brand launched the #OneMinuteTeaChallenge contest. Users were challenged to solve a puzzle within a minute while making the one minute tea and share their video. The brand sent Society Tea One minute tea kits along with simple puzzles to interested folks, and a bunch of influencers. Videos recorded their challenges and were shared on social media under the hashtag #OneMinuteTeaChallenge.

“Since it really requires just ‘One Minute’ to make the perfect cup of tea, the idea was to build excitement and challenge the Twitter users to solve a puzzle within a minute, while making a cup of ‘One Minute Tea’. A number of interesting user challenges have been share on Twitter.

An interactive microsite has also been built to showcase products in an amusing way. Along with one minute challenges like the rabbit and carrot, feed the squirrel, and other games., the microsite has a set of videos where users are shown people trying to do things before the tea is made. The site also displays a leaderboard and online links to buy the product.

The engaging campaign has not only generated a bunch of challenge videos, it has also demonstrated how to make tea using the product. The #OneMinuteTeaChallenge garnered more than 9 million Impressions, reaching out to more than 3 million unique users, Karan Parmar, Deputy Manager Digital revealed.

Buzzy. Informative. Fun

Creating buzz for a newly launched product like ‘One Minute Tea’ is a challenge in itself. Reaching out to tea lovers with the right message and also making it a memorable first-time experience is the key. The #OneMinuteTeaChallenge has indeed set the stage on digital with more follower bases now keen on trying the new product, for those quick cravings for a cup of tea at work, or even when travelling. Leveraging influencers to spread the message has managed to further amplify the buzz, I was made aware of the product through one such video.

Not only does the campaign hashtag yield a bunch of content pieces for the brand, it also serves as a demo video. Generating product awareness and curiosity have been both tackled with, and made memorable with the one-minute puzzles. The fun challenges along with the microsite make for an engaging digital campaign, uniquely crafted for the product at hand - the One Minute Tea