Socialdealfactory, Social Deals For Retailers

Socialdealfactory, Social Deals For Retailers

2011 in internet Indian industry will be marked by the rebirth of ecommerce followed by deals. Well, pundits may snub this off as just a bubble but the bubble is shining right now. However, I also think that ecommerce will dissolve into social commerce going further, where people will not only buy things, they will share with friends and ask to vote for them and all end up in getting good deals. Businesses have also spotted the trend and are trying to grab the attention with lucrative deals but it’s just not about creating a single deal. Creating a deal is just one of the things, one needs to analyze and improvise from it. Socialdealfactory(SDF), a Pune based startup recently launched a social deal builder for retailers. So if you are a retailer you tie up with SDF. SDF will help you in creating deals quickly, manage them and also provide you vital analysis on the performance of the deal.

Confused? Excited? Well don’t worry, have a look at this cool video crafter by SDF.

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How does SDF work?

SDF boasts that creation of deals won’t take more than 5 minutes and could be done in 4 easy steps. So for example, if you are a retailer and since New Year is coming you would like to offer some deals for your community. You select a package provided by SDF, create a deal, SDF will help your deal to go viral after publishing it on your social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. With this SDF also provides you real time analysis.

The SDF Deal Cycle


Why SDF is cool?

1. Easy to create, manage and customizable. As a retailer not only can I create a deal in five minutes but also avail the deal for certain number of users or limit it by time like announcing ‘Deal of the Day’. Apart from this publishing onto your social network like Facebook is a no-brainer job.

2. Great mechanism for SME retailer’s especially. It is easy to manage, cost effective and leads to higher rate of engagement on your social networks. In fact, Suketu Talekar, Co-Founder of Brewcrafts India Pvt Ltd. (Doolally) and a happy customer of SDF expressed the same:

“The numbers speak for themselves. Page views up by 800%. Number of fans up by 150%. Fanpage engagement up by 1500%. These are the hard numbers for our Facebook page after running just *one* deal on the Social Deal Factory platform. All I will say is that this tool is godsend for small merchants to run their promotions. It’s scalable. It’s portable. And most importantly very cost efficient. Many many thanks to team Social Deal Factory!”


3. SDF has 3 different plans and a full customized one for retailers with an initial 30 day trial period. With these retailers also have the option to either pay a monthly subscription fee or have a PAYG (pay-as-you-go) model for the use of the product. The PAYG model is also great to have as some retailers might like to have occasion specific deals.

4. SDF also shares the data collected of the customers as they download deals with retailers. This will help retailers to know who are their genuine fans and try to make them as brand ambassadors.

5. Analytics is one of the USP of SDF and I believe this really gives the picture and sense of ROI for the retailers. A retailer can actually compare its monthly investment vs. the awareness it has created and the number of people downloaded and actually used the deals.


SDF does have a great future and with clients such as SheepStop, Cafe Aroma, Faaso’s, etc., the chances are getting bright. A simple and interesting concept that is sure to gain attraction by businesses going mad about social media in the coming years.

Retailer Deal


As a retailer, do you think will it solve your problems or do you think it will create a hole in your pocket? Well, I suggest you that try out the trial period offer and then plan ahead.

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