Socialbakers Q1 Facebook Report – Airtel India Socially Devoted Brand, MTV India Top Media Page And Tata Docomo Top Brand Page

SocialBakers has shared the Indian Brands’ Performance On Facebook Quarter 1 2013 Report. We share the insights of the report with inputs from Unmetric


Social Bakers, the social media analytics company that monitors brands on social media has shared its first quarter 2013 Facebook performance report for Indian brands. The report focuses on the local numbers along with the total fan base from 1st Jan, 2013 to 31st March, 2013. According to the latest report, the total number of monthly active users on Facebook that is more than 63 million is 5.44% compared to the country’s population and 69.53% in relation to number of Internet users.

Faebook India performance_Q1_2013

What does the report say?

The Q1 report which accumulates the performance of Indian brands on Facebook for last 3 months highlights that the total number of monthly active users is 61M. However, the latest data provided by Socialbakers shares that India has more than 63M monthly active users approximately. The data set provided by Socialbakers points out that close to 63M people were active in the mid of January but from the fist week of February the social network saw the monthly active users dropping to 61M. The numbers have picked up after the first week of April and they are now inching closer to 64M. The below screen grab highlights the growth figures of last three months.


1. Top 10 Facebook brands by number of  local fans: The list of top 10 brands on Facebook by number of local fans has been predictable. Tata Docomo still stands at the top with 13 million fans in total out of which 11 million (88%) fans are from India. However, Vodafone Zoozoos, the latest to join the 10M mark stands at the second position with 9 million (91.7%) local or Indian fans. Nokia India, Fastrack, Samsung Mobile India are the rest of the three brands that are leading at the top five and all of them have shown increasing numbers. However, Idea which stands at the bottom of the chart is one of the brands which has the highest percentage of local fans (96.9%) compared to the total fan base of 4,202,222 on Facebook.

When I placed the same data points on Unmetric, the social media monitoring product, even though Tata Docomo (U=78, where U is Unmetric Score) has been the leader in terms of number of fans, Vodafone Zoozoos (U=83) had the highest growth rate with an addition of 49.61% or 3 million fans over the last quarter. The below screen grab gives the local fan growth of all the top 10 brands.

Comparison_ Facebook Fans_India_Jan_1_2013_to_Mar_31_2013

2. Top 10 Facebook media by number of local fans:  The numbers for media pages have seen a change in the last quarter. MTV India with 4, 219, 772 million fans tops the chart but is closely followed by the India community Facebook page with 4,380,439 fans. Bindass, TOI and Zoom TV are the rest of the media pages that are in the top 5 respectively. Additionally, Bindass the television channel with 94.8% closely followed by HBO India with 92.9%, have the highest percentage of local fans when compared to the total fan base.

3. Top 5 Facebook brands by post engagement rate: Secret Temptation with more than 76K fans on Facebook tops the charts as the one of the most engaging brands. According to Socialbakers, the brand measured 4.37% engagement rate but at the same time the brand has witnessed a 40% negative fall in the monthly engagement rate. The other four brands that have been featured in the list are Amity University, Himalayan, Lamborghini India and The interesting fact of this section is that Lamborghini India page has witnessed 3% positive monthly change in engagement rate and the brand Himalayan has remained constant.

4. Top 5 socially devoted Facebook brands: 
A crucial data that Social Bakers had started some time earlier. And, with time the Airtel_India_Facebookdata has matured and now  focuses on three major factors – (i) Response Time, (ii) Response Rate and (iii) Answered minus unanswered questions. However, “Answered minus unanswered questions” drives the top 5 socially devoted Facebook brands data set.

With a response rate of 81%, Airtel India (U=47) becomes the most socially devoted Facebook brand for the first quarter of 2013. The other brands that have featured in the list are Samsung Mobile India, Samsung India, eBay India and HDFC Bank. However, Samsung India which is ranked at the third position, is the most effective brand with the highest response rate and response time but it falls behind with 352 answered questions.

According to the Unmetric data, in the last 3 months fans initiated 5361 conversations on the Airtel India wall which are not deleted/hidden. Airtel India participated in 44.2% of these conversations. The average time Airtel India takes to reply (based on 2372 conversations they chose to participate in) is 2 hrs, 54 mins, 44 secs. The automated sentiment analysis for the 2372 conversations were observed and results are: 22.0% +ve, 22.1% -ve and 55.9% chose to be neutral.

In addition to this, Social Bakers pulls out the most popular posts which went to two posts from Zoozoos and one from Cadbury Perk.

So what do you make out of this Q1 2013 report that focuses on and gives more weightage to the local numbers? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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