Indian Brands’ Performance On Facebook (SocialBakers September Report)

by Prasant Naidu on October 12, 2021

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1 Billion Worldwide out of which 57 million users are Indians on the world’s largest social network, Facebook, as per the latest data of September provided by Socialbakers. Socialbakers, the social media analytics company that monitors brands on social media has shared a Facebook report for the Indian brands for the month of September.

social bakers facebook india report

What does the report say?

1. Facebook India numbers: India added more than 3 million fans in the month of September i.e. from 54 it rose to 57 million in September.


And if we see the latest data of October, Facebook already has added another 2 million more fans within less than 10 days. The numbers are clearly indicating that at least in India Facebook numbers are growing in leaps and bounds. In the last six months, more than 13 million fans have been added. And this trend will grow more since the penetration of Facebook is only in single digit (5.05%) compared to the country’s population and 73.12% in relation to Internet users. Additionally, it would be interesting to see what numbers are driven from mobile or tablet devices.

On another note, it would be interesting to see if Facebook is seriously thinking of cleaning its system of bots like it did recently in the US creating quite an uproar in the online world.

2. Top 10 brands by number of fans: The story of top 10 brands by number of fans has been the same for last few quarters. Tata Docomo has been holding the top position for months now and has more than 9 million fans. The brand has added more than a million fans and it looks like before the end of October, it can easily touch the 10 million mark. The below fan growth graph for the month (taken from Unmetric) gives a better picture.


Rest all of them have added sizable numbers but no one has come close to Tata Docomo. A comparative analysis of the top 10 brands on fan count can be seen in the below screen grab of last month.

Top Indian Brands on Facebook Comparison

Even though Tata Docomo is at the top with more number of fans, Axe Angels club had the highest growth during the month of September. The brand had a 17% approx fan growth by adding more than 639K fans during last month. Another interesting fact is that the top 10 pages have approximately 50 million fans out of the 57 million.

3.  Top 10 media by number of fans: The story also remains same for the top 10 media pages from last few quarters. India page which has more than 4 million fans, has added more than 30K fans and is closely followed by MTV India with 3.5 million fans. Rest of the list is crowded by new media and entertainment channels.

4. Top 10 brands by average engagement rate: A dynamic list that keeps on changing every month but it is good to see Join My Village, an NGO holding the top page for the month of September, as it did for the month of August. The page that at present has 260K fans added more than 94K fans in the last month. The page got more than 1.71% of average engagement rate. The below screen grab gives a nice breakdown of the engagement statistics provided by Zoomsphere.

join my village engagement facebook

Join My Village

Along with Join My Village, Royal Enfield is another page that has been around for a while and been striving towards a great average engagement rate.

5. Top 10 brands by daily page engagement rate: Another dynamic list that keeps on changing and for the month of September it is Nestle First 1000 Days, that tops the list with a daily engagement rate of 11.74%. The page is an initiative by Nestle along with doctors in educating mothers on the importance of first 1000 days from pregnancy to toddlerhood. The page with only 12K fans, has  content that is not only inspiring but the amount of conversations it is driving on a subject that is quite crucial,  is awesome. Every rational question by fans is being answered with utmost care and it is just not a lip service job.

Nestle first1000days_facebook

Nestle First 1000 Days

Apart from Nestle page, there are quite a few new names that are also driving some great engagement such as, Greenpeace India, Infosys, Pears, etc. Infosys, which was recently found by us in a study as one of the most engaging and active brands amongst the Indian IT giants on social media, is driving an engagement of 9.04%. Join My Village, which has an amazing average engagement rate also features in the daily page engagement rate along with Greenpeace India.

Samsung_Mobile_India_Facebook6.  Top 5 socially devoted brands: A crucial data that Social Bakers had started some time earlier. For readers who are not aware of this metrics – “The new set of analysis looks into how open are you with your fans by keeping the Facebook wall open. Other factors that are considered are how well you respond to questions and what is the response time to the queries made by fans.”

Samsung Mobile India leads the chart with a questions response rate - 79% and maximum questions answered - 289. However, according to Unmetric, Samsung Mobile India has been more active when there has been a positive response which obviously leads us to dig deep in finding more about the socially devoted brands in our subsequent posts. For now, you can take a look at the “Fan post engagement” on Facebook of the brand in the adjacent screen grab., the Indian e-Commerce stands at the second position and it is not surprising for us since we recently did a study where we had found that overall Flipkart has a better social media presence and is also driving great engagement.

The other brands that are featuring in the list are Airtel India, Nokia India and Reliance Mobile.

What do you make of this report? Do share your thoughts with us.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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