SocialAppsHQ, Used By 650000 Facebook Pages Says Rajat Garg

SocialAppsHQ, Used By 650000 Facebook Pages Says Rajat Garg

Rajat Garg

Facebook community building is not a simple process. It requires loads of patience, handwork and the will to experiment. Useful apps are always welcome as they boost the community building process. However, selecting the best app in terms of performance and cost is also not an easy choice that a social media manager has to make. SocialAppsHQ, an app warehouse fills the space and it was one of the reason why we had published an article about them sometime back. Recently, SocialAppsHQ introduced Hotels and Photo contest app and we thought of getting in touch with Rajat Garg, Founder of SocialAppsHQ. We did a small email interview that is shared below to know more about SocialAppsHQ, the need of addition of new apps, etc.


1. Rajat, as a brand or SME the first question that comes to my mind is Why should I only approach SocialAppsHQ?
Some of the key differentiators are:

Largest App Store and affordable pricing: We offer a whole ecosystem of apps and a brand or SMEs can leverage to power their marketing campaigns at a fraction of a cost of what they might do with custom app development.

Features: All our apps have integrated viral features such as comments, share, and invite your friend. Users also have an option to enable lead generation system join our mailing list with any of our apps.

Deep Knowledge: With the 650,000+ pages using our apps, we have evolved and gained deep knowledge of social network phenomenon, and it is unmatchable.

2. We had reviewed few of your features of SocialAppsHQ few months ago now this is a new launch. So what are the new features that brands can expect more.
We have developed the Photo contest app on popular user demand. We firmly believe that photographs play a very significant role in driving user engagement. With the help of this app, marketers can create photo contests on the go and take their campaigns viral. Hotel app is the fourth vertical specific app after My Restaurant, Real Estate, and Rent your Home. It has been specifically designed for Hotels to leverage the Facebook platform to increase their brand value and even drive new customer acquisition.

3. Can you talk more about Social Bucks feature which sounds exciting for your users.
Social Bucks is the virtual economy for SocialAppsHQ ecosystem. The process starts with the signup where we provide every user with a unique referral link. Users can share the link with their network and earn Social Bucks on every conversion. Later, the user can redeem every 10 Social Bucks with $1 of his actual billing.

4. I am aware of some international brands such as Ignite Network, Better Business Bureaus, Quickflix, Lior Revivo, Vin Diesel, Web media brands, The Starboard Restaurant etc. using different apps of SocialAppsHQ. However would like to know some of your Indian client list.
In India, our apps are powering the Facebook campaigns of brands like Cadbury Bournville, Liberty, and RedBus. We are also in discussion with some of the larger ecosystem players to take our apps to the next stages of adoption in India.

5. That is exciting! Finally as a community manager yourself would you like to share any tips for SMEs/Startups who are building their community on Facebook.
There are 3 stages for every social media strategy.

Definitive Presence: First and foremost is setting up a platform to reach out to your audience. Facebook has more than 750+ mm users and SME/Startups should leverage is to connect and reach out to their customers.

Engage: Once the page has fans, SME/Startups should look to engage with them. Brand Glue conducted a study which demonstrated that for every 200 comments on a status update 199 come from fans interacting in the Newsfeed and only 1 from a fan commenting on the page itself. Marketers should focus on creating an exciting Newsfeed as Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm snubs out boring from it.

Business Value: After SME/Startups have an engaging fan page, they should look to leverage their fan base to generate measurable business. It can be measured in terms of branding, leads generated, coupons redeemed, polls participation etc.Facebook is really the platform which provides equal marketing grounds for businesses of all sizes and worldwide, SMBs are the utmost beneficiaries of this platform.


Facebook is a great platform to reach out to your customers in innovative ways and leverage your business. SocialAppsHQ does provide a huge range of apps at an affordable price too. However, as a social media manager one should not rely on apps completely as at the end of day content is what matters.

Have you tried apps on Facebook and are they the free ones? What makes you go for premium apps and will you give a try to SocialAppsHQ? We would love to hear from you.