Social Wavelength Partners With Radian6, A Positive Move!

About the exclusive partnership of Canada based social media monitoring product Radian6 with one of the well known social media agency of India, Social Wavelength.

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2012 is inching closer and we are witnessing the big stories surface during the last quarter of the year. The latest buzz that is creating waves in the digital and social world of Indian market is the exclusive partnership of Canada based social media monitoring product Radian6 with one of the well-known social media agency of India, Social Wavelength.

Social media is evolving from a want to a need for consumers and hence for businesses. Today having a presence or building a plan to engage with a million fans on the page is no more the only performance metrics of an MNC or any other business but the need is also to constantly monitor and act on it. Recently, we saw how Airtel is handling online reputation management (ORM) at its end with customized solutions built in-house and working with experts but then what about the rest?

Are we still not serious or are we going to have some more goof ups that we had in the recent past or are we going to use free tools for saving the reputation of the brand.

Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO at Social Wavelength, who has been pretty excited with this strategic partnership shared that, “We need to consider ORM as an insurance policy and not think about it when the disaster strikes or has become really big.”

As I am informed at Social Wavelength, Radian6 that provides a social media monitoring platform for marketing, communication and customer support has been the preferred tool for few of its clients for some time now. However, the partnership would now mean that Social Wavelength will market the product independently in India and also educate the industry about the product.

On the other hand, Radian6 which is a global product and a part of Sales Force has clients like Dell, GE, Kodak, etc. will provide more eyeballs for the Indian agency to expand its global footprints in terms of direct lead generation from its website. (We have been trying to reach out to Radian6 on this development and to know their interest in the Indian market. The post would be updated accordingly.)

“Business wise it’s a good partnership for both of us. We are not only going to pitch about the product to our clients and to the industry but would be educating them about the product too. This also means that we would be providing customer relationship management (CRM) and online reputation management (ORM) to the Indian brands since they are no more mutually exclusive.”

But then is the Indian market ready or how seriously brands are allocating budgets for such monitoring tools like Radian6. We’ve often seen that most of the brands are using free tools to get their work done.

“The industry at present is using a mix of tools; some are using free ones and some are using customized ones. At our end, we are not using Radian6 for our entire clientèle but then if you really care about your brand and are making huge investments in social then a dip stick practice especially in ORM won’t suffice” adds Sanjay.

Learning happens the harder way and it’s good to see agencies like Social Wavelength trying to bring the change in how we look at social media. These are good signs for the Indian social media market.