Social Shopping Platform LimeRoad Hires Ex-Facebook Tech Lead Prashant Malik As CTO

After eyeing global expansion, Limeroad, social commerce platform has appointed Prashant Malik as its CTO


LimeRoad, a social shopping platform that specifically targets woman is once again out for some good news. After eyeing global expansion and specifically targeting the US and UK market from June-July, the social commerce platform has appointed ex-Facebook tech lead Prashant Malik as its CTO (News Source: Techcircle).


Prashant would be joining the core founding team. According to Suchi Mukherjee, co-founder and CEO, LimeRoad, Prashant would be responsible for the scalable distributed systems as well as the visualisation and discovery of the merchandise.

Before joining LimeRoad, Prashant had a four-year stint with Facebook where he held positions of engineering manager and technical leader. He was also professionally associated with companies like Microsoft and Siemens Public Communication Software Ltd.

Prashant’s addition would be bolstering the startup that has given positive signs with this massive global operational roll out that to in a year’s time. LimeRoad is an ecommerce portal launched on October 18, 2021 with a layer of social behavior topped over it. The portal which was reviewed at our end lets you discover that perfect top, share it with your Facebook friends, get a second opinion and buy it only if it gets a nod from all your friends. Exactly the way women prefer to shop!

Social commerce has been a market that has been catching up slowly. LimeRoad is not alone in the market but has the company of startups like Exprestore, ShopSocially, Badhai, 99presents – but some differ in their models or are not purely social commerce. Some curate gifts based on your interests, some help you in group buying with the help of Facebook friends, while some of them just use the Facebook login and sharing option.

What makes LimeRoad stand out of the crowd is its niche to target women and wrapping the social layer completely over the ecommerce platform – a trend that will be adopted, sooner or later by others too.