Social Reading Facebook App By Sify [Review]

A review about Social Reading Facebook App launched by

sify.com_social_reader facebook app

Just when you think that Sify has eroded from your memory, you get a reminder that it is still there. This time it has gone social and created a social reading app for Facebook users. A Facebook app that will allow you to not only read while you are on Facebook but will also allow you to share with your friends along with other social features.


How does the social reading app work?

After the app authentication process is over, you can see a nice visual app for you. The app that is visually appealing has been divided into several sections like any other social reading app would look like. The sections are:

1. Top Stories: The main section of the app on the home page where you can see all the latest news of the day. This is a complete snap shot of the day but wouldn’t it be great if I can customize what news I want to see and read.

2. Other Galleries: These are visual categories such as movies, sports and exclusives. The focus is on big brighter images accompanied with snippet a of text. Once you click on any article, you are displayed the entire story with all the social features (Like button, Facebook comments box, etc.) plugged in at the right places that will help in spreading the content.

3. Other widgets: The app also has some dedicated widgets and one of them is the Cricket Scoreboard which keeps you updated with cricket games being played at the moment. Apart from that, there are some common ones as the most popular, commented and recommended widgets provided by Facebook itself. These apps bring up associated content which is a must for any content site to buy more time from the reader.

The app also gives you a provision of keeping sharing on or off which is really helpful. To make the most of the app, invite your friends to the app that will not only increase the activity in your network but will keep you more updated on a variety of news. The app also provides the option to deactivate the auto sharing option on Facebook so that your timeline is saved.

How cool is the app?

The app is definitely a no nonsense one and gives control in the user’s hand. The design is good and as a user you can control what goes on the timeline. The widgets and the navigation is decent enough to work around.

However, the bigger question is how many users are using a reading app on Facebook and creating another app when there are already so many - is there a need? Previously, I had reviewed a similar app called “JuhuLive” and apart from that major publications like IBNLive, NDTV have their Facebook apps. So if Sify wants to be another one saying that it has a Facebook app too then its fine but then it doesn’t entice me to read news by logging into a social reading app.

I think these apps should think of adding some more new features rather than just being a Facebook app. May be the way social reading is done should be looked upon and served again to users.

Do you think the same?