‘Social Peace Force’ Facebook Group Launched To Stop Anti-Social Messages

Set up by Ravi Ghate, Social Peace Force is a Facebook group of like minded folks who have come together to stop derogatory religious content being shared.

Facebook, the most popular social network is a community driven network. While there are thousands of examples on how Facebook has helped the society, similarly there are incidents where the network has been misused by miscreants. The latest communal tensions in Pune is an apt example where the social network was used to post derogatory content, resulting in riots, loss of life and property in the city and neighboring areas.

While the administration and police are thinking of banning social media, set up social media monitoring cells; a group of like-minded folks have come together and formed a Facebook group - Social Peace Force.

Set up at the backdrop of the recent tensions in Pune by Ravi Ghate, a social entrepreneur in the western city of Pune, the group goes by a message: “We will not LIKE or Comment but will “REPORT SPAM”! It’s the easiest & technological way to fight the culprits who are spreading anti-national messages/images and stopping ourselves from development.”

The group which right now is being supported by 16,502 plus members vows to focus on religious posts and not on political posts on the network. This is where the initiative becomes interesting since most of the recent problems that have erupted are rooted in political beliefs.

While some people might find this initiative offensive and a moral policing approach with regards to freedom of expression but at the same time Facebook has its own set of guidelines which it follows before removing a content.

“Facebook has created global community standards for content that we believe are a very sound framework for allowing people to express themselves while preventing harm that could result from things they post,” Carson Dalton, Facebook India Communications Head said to AFP.

A social network is driven by a community and if that community stands for issues that are not right then it might be a small step towards preventing such incidents. Moreover it might help in stopping officials from blaming and threatening to ban social networks every single time such communal tensions occur in the country.