Social Networks: How Many Should You Be Present On?

by Prasant Naidu on July 14, 2022

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I am sure that if you are a community manager, you would have asked for 10 hands like the mightyDurga so that you are able to simultaneously work and manage your social media presence in all popular networks. Ra One is an excellent example of creating a presence on all social networks including Orkut and MySpace!

Wonder how many Indians are engaging on the said networks? Ra One could afford it, but can you create a presence on all social networks and also have an active presence across all networks? By the way, when I say active presence, it also means creating unique content for all networks. I think it is near to impossible and even if you crack it, I am very sure that your core service/product will get affected.

Whoever said social media is easy needs a dose of the truth. Social media is time consuming and takes a humongous effort, since you are engaging with humans. Humans are unpredictable; at one time they may like, at another time they may choose to be passive. So the pressing questions are – should I create a presence in all networks, where should I be present on, should I be only on Facebook since some expert said it or should I be on a certain network just because my competitor is out there.

To get an answer to all these questions, you would need to ask a few questions to yourself.

1. Where is my customer?

The basic reason for a brand to be on social media is because its customers are also online and talking about it. So it becomes mandatory that you should be out there listening to their conversations and also make an effort to solve their problems.

In other words, if your customer is present on LinkedIn then it makes all the more sense to open a LinkedIn company page and a group too to create a presence of your brand. Don’t create a presence on Facebook since everybody else is. Be present on all those networks where your customer is.

In addition to this, there is a general feeling that a B2C brand should be on Facebook whereas a B2B one should be present on LinkedIn. I don’t believe this notion since Capgemini India, Aditi Technologies, Ingersoll Rand, etc. have created a presence on Facebook even though they are B2B companies.

They have done this mostly for driving recruitment and making the younger generation aware of their company culture and prospects.

2. What is my objective?

The answer to this holds your success on social media. Let’s say you initially want to get a feeling what people consider about your brand and what is the general feedback from people, then Twitter is the best network to go for. Twitter, being a one-to-one conversational network, will give you results.

So your objective also matters when you are deciding on which network you should be present on. A perfect example is the Kiehl’s India Twitter campaigns when they launched in India. Kiehl’s was only present on Twitter and did a lot of activities since they wanted to have one-to-one conversations with fans, influencers, etc.

3. Do I have the time?

Bigger brands have the money and so they can either get manpower or hand the social media duties to an agency. For an SME, it is tough since cash is always a constraint. Even before rushing and creating accounts in every network that is popular today, spend some time to analyse if you have the bandwidth.

I am not an exception here; I too have been guilty of doing the same and learnt it the harder way! It’s always good to start slow and grow organically on social media rather than creating ghost houses on social networks.

Social media is about experimentation and evolving from your learning’s. So keep doing things and monitor them closely.

By the way, how many networks have you created for your brand? Would you like to share your thought process on it?

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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  • Lisa Buben

    Oh yes, many don’t realize the TIME involved. Thank goodness for the smartphone apps - it would almost be impossible without them. Research first before signing up is key.

    • Prasant Naidu

      Thanks Lisa and true we just rush to things and then we have dead networks like we have dead websites :)

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