Social Network Worldfloat Claims To Offer 25,000 Free Movies. Really?

False claim by social networking site Worldfloat that it has introduced free online movie watching service offering over 25,000 English and Hindi movies.


Social network Worldfloat founded by Pushkar Mahatta seems to have no end to its blatant lies. Moreover the mainstream media continues to publish them without verifying the facts. The latest news (read false claim) is that the social networking site has introduced free online movie watching service offering over 25,000 English and Hindi movies and plans to include films in other languages too. The story pitched by IANS, has been covered by FirstPost, NDTV Gadgets, and  Times of India to name a few. What is more interesting is that aside from the title, the major part of the content remains unchanged and no one has taken the pains to cross check.


The claim by Worldfloat founder Pushkar Mahatta

Worldfloat founder Pushkar Mahatta has stated that over 25,000 movies – 18,000 English and 7,000 Hindi – are available on for free online viewing. It covers all genres like comedy, horror, drama, action, romance, family and classic.

The 40 million strong social network plans to introduce thousands of free movies from other foreign languages like French and Italian, and major Indian regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi and Bengali.

He has further added that the new service Worldfloat is a unique feature in the social networking world.

“Among the social networking sites, this is a unique feature. Even the world’s largest social networking site Facebook does not have the free movie feature,” he said.

Reality of the free movies promise

For all these bold claims that the founder has made, I have only two words – FALSE and RUBBISH.

The social network which I had reviewed earlier has no clue what a social network product should be and I am not even considering the UI and UX knowledge. The latest feature of movies is a feature that has been present from day one. While doing the review of the network, I had stated that the section is only curating movies uploaded on YouTube and these are videos that have been uploaded illegally by anonymous users.

The case remains the same. If you click on the movies section, you get a long list of movies. I clicked on 3 Idiots, the block buster Bollywood movie and I landed up on a search page which lists all kinds of videos from YouTube that have been tagged as 3 Idiots. The search had around 30 videos. If you click on them, you get to know that these are YouTube videos that have been uploaded illegally. So is this what Pushkar Mahatta means when he states that over 25,000 movies are available on the network?

First of all they are not full length videos and second these are bits and pieces of a movie. I might just log onto YouTube, find an official production house brand channel and enjoy a complete movie with good quality.

This is not the first time that Worldfloat has come with such baseless stories, which the media has published. Click here to find our complete coverage of Worldfloat, where we have investigated the truth behind their false claims time and again.

I am sure Worldfloat will keep coming up with such stories and may be next time it launches a messaging app claimed as a threat to WhatsApp. But the media surely needs to check facts prior to hitting the publish button.