Social Media Needs To Be Regulated. A Personal Point Of View From Salman Khurshid

Speaking on the topic of freedom vs equality at the Telegraph National Debate, Salman Khurshid says that social media needs to be regulated.

Everyone has an opinion on social media these days. It is funny when people make a comment on a medium which they themselves haven’t explored extensively. The new name to feature in the list of literates who think that social media should be regulated is External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid. Since the honorable minister thinks that every freedom has to be regulated, as reported by Firstpost.

Speaking on the topic of freedom vs equality at the Telegraph National Debate in Kolkata on Saturday night, the eminent minister said that –

“Social media is effective today because we are equal. It is the equality of social media and your ability to manipulate and use technology that gives you the freedom — a freedom which then, perhaps, needs to be regulated. It needs to be regulated because every freedom has to be regulated.”

Khurshid further added that the thoughts he was sharing were in his personal capacity and has been inspired by the Constitution of India. According to the constitution, any form of freedom should have reasonable restriction whether it is freedom of speech or freedom of work or freedom of action. And if you are a true Indian then please bow to the constitution, stressed Khurshid.

The debate was also chaired by other politicians like Corporate Affairs minister Sachin Pilot and BJP’s senior leader Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Politicians and governments wanting to curb the social media is no more a breaking headline. The statements made by Khurshid are his personal thoughts but they come at the time when the Government is seriously pushing a social media agenda along with it’s different departments. However, it is still unclear if this recent push is for the upcoming elections or has a serious long term vision.

At the recently concluded discussion on “Social media is the voice of the people” in India Today’s Conclave 2013, some serious questions were raised related to social media regulations. These can be broadly listed as –

1. Bad news becomes viral faster on social media and Kashmir has been a bold example.

2. What if the enemy is also using social media and trying to defeat you on social media. Will you call for regulating of social media then?

When the lines of freedom of speech and hate speech become blurred then it becomes a difficult choice, as was expressed by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah.

Do share your thoughts on what do you think on such issues and will creating an effective social media presence help to counter incidents on social media.

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