Social Media Mela - First India-Pakistan Social Media

A article on "SociaL Media Mela" which is the first India Pakistan social media event starting from tomorrow in Karachi, Pakistan

social media mela pakistan

PeaceNiche, an NGO from Pakistan is organizing the first India Pakistan social media conference on 13th and 14th July 2012. The conference that is ready to start from tomorrow has been titled as the “Social Media Mela.”

Pakistan and India have a past blotted with incidents that no one would like to remember. To remove those stains, people from both sides have tried to share the olive branch but nothing much has happened. However, Sabeen Mahmud, Director of Peace Niche and her team have planned to do the same with the support of social media.

As we all know governments on both the sides have been very apprehensive about social media but Sabeen is quite confident that social media is changing things. She further adds that social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have evolved over the years. In addition to this she adds, “Today friendships and relationships are built on Twitter over the madness of Cricket, Politics, Music, etc. between the two nations.”

For more than a month and half, the PeaceNiche have been working round the clock and have a planned action-packed two days that will only focus on different aspects of social media. The event will see eminent speakers such as Barkha Dutt, Annie Zaidi, Karuna John, Onir, etc. representing India. For the entire list of speakers, you can check the Social Media Mela website and the schedule too. The event promises not only great speakers and talks but there are Qavvaali shows along with Kabir and Amir Khusrow thoughts being recited.

Undoubtedly, this is going to be a massive event for sure as it is being organized with an ideology to be social and spread love between the two countries of India and Pakistan.  There are plans to live stream the event but the site has no intimation as of now. Maybe the organizers will declare this tomorrow at the event and if you are following #socmm12 then you would get all the latest updates on Twitter.

I wish that “Social Media Mela” is effective in achieving its objective and may be the next time we organize the event in India and invite guests from Pakistan!