Social Media Helps Hunt For The Greatest Indian By History TV18 #TGI

A look at The Greatest Indian hunt, an initiative by History TV18 & CNN IBN

Social media is a great tool for dissemination, be it news, propaganda, or just plain rumours. Also, its two-way nature brings forth the potential for debate and discussion. This June, infotainment channel, History TV18 in association with CNN IBN and Reliance, have launched a massive hunt for ‘The Greatest Indian’ using television and the digital medium via a poll which is set to trigger a national debate on the one question, “Who is the greatest Indian after Independence?” Based on an internationally acclaimed format by BBC held in 22 countries, the initiative is to select that one great Indian after Mahatma Gandhi who is the most influential, iconic & inspirational and has impacted your life. You can cast up to ten votes from a set of 50 eminent Indians. And what better platform after television than social media to trigger a nation-wide debate!

About The Greatest Indian (TGI) digital setup

The Greatest Indian hunt is on through the website and employs Facebook as well as Twitter to drive traffic and conversations. Interestingly, the campaign and the website were launched on the morning of 4th June before the show started airing in the night on History TV18 and later on CNN IBN. It’s been 10 days and the website shows more than 3 million votes have been registered already.

The Greatest Indian hunt by History TV18

The image above is of the home page and you can know more about each nominee if you click on the pictures, which also has the options to vote either through Facebook or a missed call. ‘About TGI’ section gives you the details of the poll in terms of process flow and the jury. ‘Social Buzz’ has two featured videos and the Facebook social plugin, along side the Twitter plugin that streams tweets having the #TGI hashtag. The ‘Leaderboard’ is a real time ranking list that shows the number of votes for each of the nominees.

Driving conversations on Facebook and Twitter

The History TV18 Facebook page has employed the timeline in a beautiful manner. It is fascinating to see India’s history in the making if you start browsing from the start. The first post has an early photograph of Ustad Bismillah Khan performing to mark India’s independence. You can see many of the feats by the nominated people but above all, it feels nice to see and feel your country’s history with the help of black & white pictures. The use of the Facebook timeline as a story-telling tool is very impressive.

Besides, History TV18 is actively engaging with tweeps including influencers and building conversations around #TGI. The brand got 50,000 votes as a result of a quiz on Twitter. ((Source: Indian Television)) From the comments and posts in each of the social media platforms, you can gauge the amount of debate that it has raked up. Here is a slide having a few of them:

Earlier this March, History TV18 had roped in Salman Khan for ‘History Har Din’ campaign where the common man was invited to upload his pictures/videos wherein he creates a historic moment for himself. An excellent campaign by the brand to bring about engagement around the brand message. Here is a review.

Churchill was nominated as the greatest Briton and Reagan as the greatest American, so it remains to be seen which of these 50 gets to be nominated for The Greatest Indian.

Have your cast your votes for the Greatest Indian? Did you like the use of social media in the hunt for the Greatest Indian or does History TV18 need to do more?