Social Media Helps Gurgaon Protests Against 8 PM Curfew On Women

An article discussing how Social Media Helps Gurgaon Protests Against 8 PM Curfew On Women

Last few days, Gurgaon has been a point of discussion both offline as well as online. The news is nothing new for the city, which has witnessed atleast one rape taking place every day last year, atleast for the officials that are responsible for a safe society.  Yes of late two girls have been raped one after the other by different people at different times. So you must be wondering what is the big deal, this is a common thing in most of the other cities too.

Well the interesting thing is that the Police administration of Gurgoan has come up with a rather blatant statement. The statement from none other than the deputy commissioner of Gurgoan, P.C. Meena is that women employees in shopping malls and pubs can’t work after 8PM and if they do, special orders need to be taken. So it as good as saying:

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]Hey girls be at home after 8PM and if you are out after that then you are responsible for the rape and not the rapist[/pullquote]

Don’t be surprised as this statement has angered many as we know that it is not the first time where the Police has completely shed off it’s responsibilities. Atleast it was good to see that the civilized youth of India today was not ready to accept such an irrational statement and held a candle light march yesterday. The movement saw the support of 100 people ((As reported by Hindustan Times)) and it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that like all other movements, social media provided the background support for this growing movement.

gurgoan protests for rape
Image Courtesy: Must Bol

Must Bol, a youth led campaign, which has an active Facebook presence joined hands with Halabol, Bell Bajao, Center for Social Research (CSR) India and Safe Delhi Campaign to give strength to the peaceful march yesterday around Sahara Mall. The protest was not only observed to demand safe spaces but also to protest against the curfew imposed on girls by the Gurgoan Police administration.

gurgoan protests for rapes
Image Courtesy: Safe Delhi Campaign

The movement is being carried further too. Mayank Matiyani and Kuner Sharma have also organized another protest march. The idea shared by these youngsters is to keep marching, cycling, picketing and continue protesting till the authorities accept the responsibility of making better strategies for having a safe Gurgoan.

I have never doubted the powers of social media and we had seen that entire last year how national and international protests were organized via social media. It’s time we do it again and ask questions to authorities about why are they shying off from their responsibility. And what happens if a rape occurs in the morning then will the Police order girls to be locked in close doors. The problem is also that we are not asking the right questions. For now, we need to see to that so these authorities just don’t get away considering that it is just one more rape.

So if you can, then join the support movement that is happening at 29 Police Station (Behind IFFCO Chowk Metro Station) at 7:00pm today or else spread the word. Lets use Social Media for a good cause.