Social Media For NMIMS MBA Students

by Prasant on January 17, 2022

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Dr. Rajan Saxena

Marketers are now aware that there is a fifth ‘P’ that was missing from their syllabi. So management institutes like Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) have decided to integrate social media into its curriculum.(Indian Express) The plan for the new academic session of MBA program starting from 2012-2013 is of two folds,

1. To incorporate social media into the curriculum as social media marketing is one of the relevant forms of marketing.

2. Using social media as a form of learning and engagement among students and the faculty.

Dr. Rajan Saxena, NMIMS vice-chancellor has indicated that they would like to reap the benefits of the most popular network of the world, Facebook. Emphasizing that today’s youth is glued to Facebook, he said,

“The economic and market dynamics are changing constantly. A large percentage of the youth are hooked to social networking sites these days. It is an emerging media and we are considering ways to take advantage of the social network. For example, we are exploring whether discussions on a topic, which is part of the curriculum, can be initiated on Facebook. Also, faculty and students can initiate discussions on research topics on networking sites like Facebook”

Economic and market dynamics have drastically changed in India from 2011 and we are going to see major changes as more and more MNC’s, SMEs, etc. will be embracing social media with open hands. Along with that over the last year we have seen social revolts taking shape through social networks. So for today’s student it is a challenge to be prepared to understand the new dynamics of the world. Rajan further stressed on the same lines and shared this,

“We need to understand how one can create collaborative models of education in which the school collaborates with the civil society, the government and the industry to create educational models relevant to society”

My Thoughts:

Firstly the move made by NMIMS is what the times demand and I have always believed that students especially should be shown the merits and demerits of social media. The way it can be an amazing tool for research and education, the same way it can also be misused by young minds. So education bodies should come up and not only prepare them but educate them about the drawbacks of the medium too.

Management colleges such as ISB,IIMC, Amity, etc. have a presence on social media but the objective has been for connecting and conversing. However none of them have a successful engagement model on social media barring IIMC. IIMC, which we had reviewed last year, has an internal network along with the social media channels to drive engagements.

NMIMS will also have to think of networks beyond Facebook in terms of using it as a collaborative medium of discussion. The idea to be on Facebook is cool and Facebook groups can be useful but it will have to think beyond that such as creating a network for it’s own needs. Facebook is an open and more of a personal network. I doubt how many would be ready to engage with their faculty on it. So colleges and educational bodies have to look beyond and look for customized networks that can help the purpose and keep the social engagement objective intact.

Do you think Facebook will solve the purpose or do you agree that Indian colleges should look for personalized social networks?

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