Social Media Day At Bangalore

An article on how social media day was celebrated in Bangalore with the initiative of Graffiti Collaborative

Social Media Day is celebrated by Mashable on 30th June every year and this year Bangalore also celebrated with a new zeal like all other countries around the world.

Bangalore, the Silicon valley of India is now turning into the social media hub of India. At least the city proved it on 30th June by celebrating the entire day as social media day. The day not only focused on having discussions around social media by calling eminent speakers but it touched upon some interesting social things at the most social destinations of the city. Definitely the way the day was celebrated makes Bangalore the only city that celebrated it with so much enthusiasm and creativity.

Graffiti Collaborative , a creative agency based out in Bangalore took the initiative to celebrate the social media day. Shweta Thakur, founder of Graffiti and her team worked round the clock to make the day a special one for the social media folks in Bangalore. The plan for the day can be seen in the below screen grab.

social media day bangalore

Instawalk in Cubbon Park

The day started with nature lovers and people who love to express via pictures. Nagesh Ramamurthy, a man who loves to click and is a popular user of Instagram in Bangalore was leading the Instawalk in Cubbon Park. Nagesh who has led such Instawalks previously thought that the idea to celebrate the social media day was great but he was a bit disappointed to see a poor turn out. However, some foreigners who were visiting Bangalore saw his message on Instagram and happily joined the walk.

nagesh ramamurthy
Instawalk in full swing

The second stop of the day after the walk was breaking for a nice breakfast at Cafe Coffee Day in MG Road. From there the event moved on to the most happening and social places in Bangalore - Hard Rock Café at St. Mark’s Road.  The below screen grab gives a quick snapshot of the panel discussion that happened over a delicious lunch at Hard Rock Café.

Panel discussion and Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe

The panel discussion had some great discussion topics, boosted by a great line of eminent speakers like Preetham Venkky, Shradha Sharma, Chirag Chaipatty, Hrish Thota, Prem Panicker, etc.

Preetham Venkky who is known in India for his extensive knowledge on Facebook and social media shared his thoughts on social media strategies. In addition to this, Preetham also spoke about why social media is not a fad and it is changing the way we look at the world really fast. Sharing these thoughts in a telephonic conversation with me, he added that the crowd was an eclectic mix  accompanied by an extremely talented set of panelists.

hard rock cafe bangalore
Discussions at Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore

Later Shradha Sharma and Hrish Thota debated upon – “Businesses Around Social Media”. Shradha touched upon the importance of social media for startups and entrepreneurs. In a telephonic conversation, she shared:

“Earlier large media houses like TOI or CNBC used to pay hefty cheques to reach out to people but social media has changed the game. Today any business such as Tech, B2C, etc. can leverage social media effectively and reach out to their fans.”

Hrish further added to the debate and highlighted that his filmmaking startup was able to get projects from Mitsubishi Cedia, Ford Figo and Kurkure to make Internet videos for them, through his social media connections.

Social media could be a great way to reach out to people and build connections over a period of time. Chaipatty is a brilliant example and Chirag was invited to share his thoughts. Chirag Chaipatty who is a staunch believer in social media told me over a telephonic discussion that they have believed in organic growth and haven’t spent a penny on ads.

Chirag emphasized on the most debatable topic, which was why social media should not be outsourced.

“At Chaipatty, we own the social media as we don’t want to give our brand to someone who doesn’t know what we do. It’s better to hire staff and keep it in-house.”

Chirag also stressed upon some key points that one needs to remember on social media if you are out there to build a community– 1) Ownership of your brand, and 2) Being human and responsive but without turning into spam.

Fun at Herbs and Spice

The discussions ended but the event shifted its base from Hard Rock to Herbs and Spice where participants were given one for one free on a cocktail. But that was not the only thing, participants got a chance to make their own cocktail with the bartender along with some worthy tips.

herbs and spice
Fun at Herbs and Spice

Finally the day ended with some more fun at the Manchester United restaurant and bar with stand up comedy, quiz, games, etc. circling around on social media.

Surely, Bangalore had a blast on the social media day. And Hrish, quite impressed by the entire event had to add this,

“I liked the event as it brought all experts of social media under one roof and rather than have a lecture session, it was a panel discussion which was very interactive and quite insightful. Most other social media events are just tweetups, so social media day 2012 was better as we discussed about issues surrounding social media and brands in India.”

Kudos to Graffiti Collaborative for pulling up the entire event together.

P.S. Image Courtesy: Herbs and Spice, Graffiti Collaborative