Social Media Contributes To ‘Be Brave’ [Review]

A review of the social media presence of Be Brave, the CSR initiative by Godfrey Phillips India

Courage need not roar. Keenan and Reuben lost their lives while saving the dignity of their female friends. And they were just two ordinary guys who chose to act rather than turn away. Now you can honour such bravehearts with a bravery award – the ‘Godfrey Phillips Bravery Awards’, which is a corporate social responsibility initiative undertaken by Godfrey Phillips India.  Everybody is invited to nominate a brave person by sharing their story on the Be Brave Facebook page. The Be Brave fan page founded in 2010 has played a good role in supplementing its rich website ‘’ with a platform for conversation. Also, Be Brave has a good presence on other social networks like Youtube, Twitter and blog.

Social Media Presence of Be Brave

Facebook: Facebook has been employed extensively to convey the message, while building a community around the campaign. With a fan base of more than 5 lakhs, the page is doing a good job with relevant posts. The good thing is that the page is public – anybody can post on the wall. So if you have witnessed a selfless act of bravery, you can nominate that person by posting on the wall. The bravery nominations can be filed on the Be Brave Facebook page itself apart from other options of nomination available at the website. There are 3 ways to nominate on the fan page: i) share their story on the page, ii) share a link to a news article on the page or iii) scan and share a news article. This is an excellent move to allow your fans to participate in the movement.

The content that is being shared on the Facebook page is well aligned to its objective of creating awareness about the Godfrey Phillips India bravery award and motivating fans to participate in the campaign. The wall is a salute to bravery with posts dedicated to brave acts by common people. The content that has been posted is clubbed with personal thoughts from the page, as reflected in the screen grab attached below. Apart from that, it is also talking about various organizations that are trying to create an impression and are related to bravery. I am really impressed by the content strategy adopted by the brand on Facebook.

Be Brave facebook page

Besides this, the page could have easily created an app that would help fans to nominate people for the awards. The app would not only make it easy for people to do so but if a fan wants to see all the people who have been nominated the app would be useful. A Facebook app increases the possibilities of creating more awareness and ease of use.

Twitter: The content shared on Twitter is a carbon copy of Facebook. While this might be good for your community present on Twitter and not on Facebook, it is not good for the ones present on both networks. A brand should maintain variety in tweets even though some links have to be shared on both networks. Besides, most of the tweets are unidirectional – Twitter has not been leveraged for its most important benefit – its conversational potential. The page shares links relating to acts of bravery or generally inspirational stuff but does not talk and that’s one of the reasons why the Twitter account has got only 60 followers. Twitter, if used wisely can become the best medium for connecting and conversing, especially in such community-based social campaigns.

Youtube: Be Brave has a dedicated brand channel on Youtube with 80 videos at present that have amassed a total of 364,714 views and 114 subscribers. Videos are mainly about real heroes and their stories or about enacted situations that get you to think right and act brave. Using videos for storytelling is very impressive but the frequency of updates is little disappointing. Last video that was uploaded was a month ago.

[youtube 6pKGsXp8J1Q 500 300]

Blog: Maintaining a regular blog seems to be a tough ask! Yet Be Brave has managed to dish out posts though not so frequently. The last post was published after a gap of five months which is as good as killing the blog. Nevertheless, content by nature, is similar to what is being shared in other networks but more elaborate. The use of images, videos, presentations, etc. makes it an interesting read. Being a blogger, I’m aware of the long term benefits of blogging. Although slower than other networks, your blog will eventually help build a much stronger community. It will be good if Be Brave can incorporate more time and energy to the blog as well.

Saluting bravery is a good CSR initiative that needs to be lauded. But Be Brave needs to spread more awareness for it to realise its full potential on social media and be more active on all the networks. Nevertheless, the presence on each network is going good and will be great if improved upon.

What are your thoughts on the ‘Be Brave’ social media presence? Do you have a tip for them?