How Tropicana Reinforced The Importance Of Breakfast Using #BreakfastWithTropicana [Case Study]

Social media case study on #BreakfastwithTropicana to reinforce the importance of breakfast and associate Tropicana as integral part of breakfast, agency Webitude


The brand

Tropicana has been owned by PepsiCo since 1998. In India, Tropicana comes in two categories: 100% Juices (sold as Tropicana 100%) and Juice Beverages (sold as Tropicana). The new positioning focuses on making Tropicana 100% fruit juice as a critical constituent of the ‘Breakfast Menu’ and an integral part of a complete breakfast.

The agency

Webitude helps brands and businesses to step into digital, mobile and social media landscape and build a presence in this ecosystem. Webitude is a part of the mobile marketing unit, Hindustan Times Mobile Solutions Limited, a subsidiary of HT Media Ltd. Digital Quotient, Umbrella Brand for Webitude and HTMSL is a Mobile-First Digital Marketing Solutions Organization that offers you a suite of innovative mobile solutions, social media marketing and more.

The insight

In the busy lifestyles of today, rushed and skipped breakfasts are an inconvenient realty. Finding out the reasons people #Skippedbreakfastbecause was the need of the hour.

Identified objectives:

Reemphasize the importance of breakfast while at the same time strengthen Tropicana’s association with breakfast as an occasion.

The strategy:

Introduced the campaign #BreakfastwithTropicana to reinforce the importance of breakfast, Tropicana being an integral part of it.

On 9th of March, 2014, food aficionados and influencers from the digital world were invited and brought together for a breakfast meet with Tropicana at Hotel Lalit. A personal invite was sent to all the influencers with a basket of Tropicana. Light and humorous discussion around the importance of breakfast and the contest #skippedbreakfastbecause was launched at the event itself.

Quick recipes from the chef were shared, and for the first time in India, Vine videos were released showcasing funny situations that people #skippedbreakfastbecause.

On day 2, the contest #skippedbreakfastbecause continued with people sharing their excuses and reasons of missing breakfast.
On day 3 and 4, the association was reaffirmed via posts and tweets that make the “Healthy Breakfast and Tropicana” pitch using the #BreakfastwithTropicana.

The results: