How The MTS Wi-Fi Bin Helped Create A Cleaner NH7 Weekender [Case Study]

Case study on how MTS India helped transform the happiest music festival, NH7 Weekender into the cleanest by installing a Wi-Fi bin that gave free Wifi as garbage went in



Counted as one of the favourite music festivals in India and also the biggest when it comes to independent music in the country, the Bacardi NH7 Weekender leaves behind a lot of trash in addition to the music. Every year thousands of music lovers throng the festival to celebrate their favourite music bands, and enjoy the company of fellow music lovers, food and alcohol.

But, what these thousands of music lovers often forget about is waste disposal. Empty cans lay strewn across the festival grounds making the happiest music festival also the dirtiest music festival. And MTS India, one of India’s leading telco, wanted to change that by introducing a behavioural change in people attending the festival, with the core objective of keeping the NH7 festival clean.

At the NH7 festivals this year, MTS introduced the MTS Wi-Fi Bin, essentially a social garbage can that rewarded the people who chose the bin for waste disposal with free Wi-Fi access throughout the days of the festival. The Wi-Fi Bin was conceived and developed by digital agency, Brandmovers India with Thinkscream as the technology partner for the campaign.

How the MTS Wi-Fi Bin worked?

The MTS Wi-Fi Bin was installed at each of the festival venues spread across the cities of Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. Every time garbage was disposed in it, it flashed a Wi-Fi code that gave free Wi-Fi access. People could use the MTS 3GPlus Wi-Fi connection for free through the entire length of the festival and stay connected with their social circle online, instantly sharing their experiences at the festival.

Also while they logged in using the code, an automated tweet went out to their social connections, letting others know about the Wi-Fi Bin. This was incentive enough for people to keep the premises clean!

From the happiest music festival to the cleanest

The Wi-Fi bin was used by more than 10,000 people with 200 GB of data downloaded and more than 20 million + people reached across social media.

Beyond an objective

Good advertising never talks about how good the product is that is being advertised. Similar is this initiative by MTS, where festival goers got a taste of what the brand stood for.

The MTS Wi-Fi Bin campaign, in addition to fulfilling its objective towards a cleaner NH7 festival this year, has also made a mark about its 3GPlus services. 3G network connectivity is a space that almost all telcos are trying to capture aggressively in India, with the country reported to be the fastest growing smartphone market in the world.

Additionally, targeting a music festival event has helped MTS India connect with the right audience – the young, social savvy group always connected to the internet.

Here’s a case study video of the MTS Wi-Fi Bin in action: