Social Intelligence Startup Frrole Launches Enterprise Offering For Media And Entertainment Industry

Frrole, social intelligence startup has launched enterprise offering for the media and entertainment verticals


Social curation startup, Frrole which has gradually evolved into a social intelligence startup that helps media and brands mine deep insights and curated content from social conversations has some good news to offer for the enterprise segment. Frrole CEO and co-founder Amarpreet Kalkat revealed that from today onwards it is launching its enterprise offerings to media and entertainment verticals.

Enterprise offerings from Frrole

The startup which is a part of winter batch of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Bangalore has launched two major offerings – 1. Data APIs and 2. Visual Site.

The Data APIs will allow clients to access Frrole data streams and use it to build or plug into any application. These data streams could be in the form of Curated Content that will provide you access to data relevant to a particular topic, location, category, event or any combination of them and Rich Media Streams that gives you access to the most popular images or videos relevant to a particular topic, location, category, event or any combination of them.

The other forms are Sentiment Pipes, sentiments around a particular topic and Comparative Data gives you access to information about multiple similar entities, which can be compared across multiple parameters. The website provides you a list of benefits associated to the entire data stream along with live demo. The below screen grab gives you a quick look of Curated Content.

The second feature - Visual Site going by its name the feature is a collection of display units that provide a compelling yet easy and quick way to bring the power of curated social content to the customer’s end.

Social Streams, Social Galleries, Social Polls, Social Trends, Social Rankings and Social Counters are the vast variety of offerings that comprise of the Visual Site feature from Frrole. The below screen grab gives you a quick look of the Social Rankings of celebrities who are buzzing on Twitter.

The enterprise offering has been right now targeted to the Media (Digital, TV and Publishers), Brands and Agencies who would love to keep a tab on the social conversations along with insights. Sharing with us Amarpreet informed that the startup is carrying out pilot implementations for TV channels such as NDTV, Zee, Zoom, etc.

In fact some of the made in India startups have also signed up to the private beta test and are doing some interesting stuff.  Dexetra is using Frrole to get information on breaking topics for their Friday app, Sqoops is using it to dig deals just in Mumbai, and Explara has used it to find leads on events across 10+ Indian cities.

Along with the enterprise product coming into picture, Frrole’s existing offer for consumers, curation of news from Twitter is seeing consistent growth. Since the beta launch in April 2012, it has grown to more than half a million user’s month on month. Frrole mobile apps, launched early this year, have already seen more than 5,000 downloads.

The startup initially had started with just 20 cities for curating news and now covers more than 55 cities in US, UK, Canada, India, Singapore, etc. Going further the startup plans to launch itself in 100 cities by making news discovery convenient for both web and mobile.