Social Hiring App WhistleTalk Launches An Enterprise Edition

Social hiring app Whistletalk has now made a deliberate move by launching an Enterprise edition that will help Employers and Employees too.


Social media is being integrated in to all spheres of business and recruitment hasn’t been left behind. WhistleTalk, is one such startup from Hyderabad backed by The Hyderabad Angels, that has been leveraging the power of social networking and reputation management to the best. According to a latest announcement from the startup, WhistleTalk has now made a deliberate move by launching an Enterprise edition. This means that along with the Personal app section that was reviewed by us last year, WhistleTalk will now have an Enterprise edition too.

The Enterprise edition, which was led by the Founder Vinoo Chacko, has been designed with an objective to reach out to all sections of business keeping both the employer and employee happy. In other words, the app has emulated the traditional “Employee Referral Scheme” and has empowered social sharing with the app. Employers can use the enterprise solution to leverage the social networks of their current employees, thus making the talent hunting process simple, faster and saving on costs too. As for employees, they can earn rewards while they share the job opportunities on social media without much of a hassle!

Sharing his thoughts on the launch, Vinoo emphasized that, “WhistleTalk gets more employees to participate in referral hiring because of its innovative rewards program and gaming dynamics. Businesses and enterprises of all sizes can benefit because the application ensures right opportunities reach the best candidates at the earliest and as openings are referred by friends, even passive candidates are likely to apply.”

With its launch, the app has also got some positive feedback from Richcore, a leading Bangalore based Biotech Company, which has deployed the WhistleTalk referral hiring solution. The apps sharing feature along with its simplicity of deployment and the ease of use have been the core features that were referred by Sunil Sundar, HR Manager at Richcore.

With a huge worldwide market potential for recruitment, the enterprise launch by WhistleTalk has been a thoughtful move.