Social Enterprise: Is It Picking Up Or Not Living Up?

A look at if the social enterprise networks are living up to the promise or not. Vipin Thomas from MangoApps shares his thoughts on the same too.


Are Enterprise Networks going through a cold phase? Or am I being pessimistic. Last I heard about them in great detail was at the NASSCOM Product Conclave in 2011. The esteemed panel that was discussing the feasibility of Social Enterprise or a social network developed for organizations highlighted a couple of challenges such as – 1) Cultural challenge and 2) Lack of interest from the top management.

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If that was not enough then recently I came across an article by Brian Proffitt that debated the fact that “You Can’t Force Workers To Be Social.” Brian, who is a tech expert specializing in enterprise IT, cloud computing and big data, shares in his article that –

“On paper, the concept sounds reasonable, even important: take popular social media tools (microblogs, wikis, blogs, etc.) and use them for internal collaboration, project management and overall feel-good business practices.

But in practice, a lot of companies have found that actually using this stuff is not a magic wand to bring forth happiness and productivity to their organization. The reason? Social media tools in the enterprise often work counter to the internal communications practices that have long been ingrained in companies.”

Brian cites an example that in theory it is a good idea to coordinate creative activities on social platforms but in reality it is a myth. However, Vipin Thomas, Client Success Manager at MangoSpring disagreed on that and shared an excellent live use case to make a point that Enterprise Network is not having a slow death.

“Mudra Communication, India’s third largest advertising agency, is one of our clients who is using Mango Apps with an objective of idea generation. The agency rolled out social enterprise to get ideas from their different locations and have been running it successfully.”

Mango Spring is in the Enterprise Network with their product MangoApps for the last four years. Vipin considers that even though they are a startup, they are well placed in the market to compete with the big guys like Jive, Yammer, SocialCast.

“A seamless integration of a wide variety of modules, monthly releases, availability on all major mobile operating systems has kept MangoApps stay ahead of the competition”, added Vipin when I questioned him why should businesses go for MangoApps as their choice for Enterprise Networks.

However, Vipin added a crucial point to our conversation that most business in the world are failing to implement Social Enterprise because they don’t have a clear defined objective. Further, he shared another example of a Pharma client with a workforce of 500+ have executed social enterprise successfully since they were clear with their objective from day one.

I buy Vipin’s thought that the objective has to be clearly defined and it is evident everywhere. Vipin thinks that social enterprise is going to pick up a lot from 2013 onwards, what do you have to say on that? And if you are using social enterprise in your organizations then do share your experience in the comments.

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