Snexy, A Sexy Campaign By Britannia

Snexy, A Sexy Campaign By Britannia

We do hear about various reality shows with innovative concepts springing up every now and then. But have we heard about India’s first reality snack show? Well, Britannia has launched a digital campaign to promote its new range of ‘NutriChoice Multigrain Thins’ products that is titled – “The Hunt for the True Snexy – India’s First Reality Snack show” from the 15th of November.

From an amazing 554 snacks from across India, 7 snacks viz. Chips, Namkeen, Tedhimedi, Pani puri, Popcorn, Samosa and Burger would be competing with each other in five rounds to win the coveted title of ‘True Snexy’, Snexy is a term used to describe a snack that is mysteriously alluring; almost divine, as per an urban legend! The snacks have of course been personified with each having a Facebook page of their own.

As Indians are a snack-loving nation, this campaign does hit the right spot in the Indian palate. Right from the website, the Facebook and the Twitter page, everything is designed keeping in mind the ‘snexy’ theme. I for one am absolutely impressed with their active blog and Facebook engagement. The snacks play for your attention and beg for your votes, amusing you all the while.

Landing page designed for supporting your favorite snack is informative and action-oriented. Fans are asked to vote for their favorite snack along with submitting their email ids. The daily contest linked to the blog is also displayed on the landing page with tempting goodies to be won.Besides this, interestingly all seven snacks have their own Facebook page and community. So as a fan you can support your favorite snack by having fun on the relevant fan page. Lets say you are crazy about panipuri, so go ahead, support it and show your love by being part of it’s own community. The content being shared on these individual fan pages is a real delight.

Amazing Facebook Content


Apart from the Facebook updates, daily updates on the blog providing the scoops, tidbits on everything that conspired in the various rounds really brings out the drama and excitement in the community. The daily contest has been quite innovative and offers two top entries a chance to win Snexy merchandise. The comments show huge amount of participation from fans.

Daily Contest on Blog


However, Twitter seems to be not as engaging as Facebook but is being just used as a platform informing about the activities in the community and provides links to them.

Designing a campaign around a reality show concept with national timepass snacks as contestants is sure to create a lot of buzz. In that sense, this campaign is an outright winner. It has managed to get in over 45,000 people to engage on the various platforms, 14,000+ fans on its Facebook community with over 4000 active fans spending 90,000 minutes looking at these snacks and rating them. This has been the objective behind the campaign as stated by Anuradha Narasimhan, Category Director, Health & Wellness,

“Hunt for the True Snexy is the first ever Snack Reality Show, and probably India’s first online reality show. Reality Shows are filled with drama and twists, always making people come back for more. People discuss these events wherever they go, “did you hear what happened…” The format is very prone to buzzing, and that’s exactly what we wanted – people having conversations around our new snack.”


Although the True Snexy will be announced today, the true winner is this campaign. Facebook has been the chosen platform always for B2C’s but the incorporation of blogs has been a surprise factor. The move is really great of synching the Facebook posts with elaborated articles on the blog. This is really quite interesting. One more highlight of this campaign has been the content with the catchy design. The main facebook page and the other individual pages have great content so that fans can have fun while they are on the respective pages. For us the campaign is a delight to watch and it creates the right platform for the new product launch by Britannia.

Source: BestMediaInfo