Snehal Shinde On Selling Dhingana To Rdio, Record Label Hindrances And Future of Streaming Business

Video interview with Snehal Shine VP at Rdio about selling Dhingana to Rdio, future of online streaming business, challenges and advice to entrepreneurs

This is the second and last part of the conversation with Snehal Shinde, VP at Rdio for emerging markets. In this part, Snehal speaks about selling their startup Dhingana to global streaming giant Rdio, the controversy around it and work life at Rdio. Besides he also shares his thoughts on the future of streaming business along with its challenges.

Founded in 2007 by the two twin brothers Snehal and Swapnil, Dhingana was an online music streaming site. Dhingana, a Marathi word meaning joy and zeal was built out of love for Bollywood and provided a variety of Indian music to listeners worldwide. It offered a library of over 1 million free on-demand songs, in over 42 Indian languages and genres. By the month of Dec 2013, Dhingana had over 10 million active unique users with pretty much zero marketing efforts.

In this first part of the conversation, Snehal talked about his early childhood days, his bond with Swapnil, going to the US, doing computer engineering and his enriching work experience at Yahoo. Working at Yahoo media especially became the base for starting up Dhingana at a time when hardly any Indian startup was venturing into a challenging market like online streaming.

Both brothers’ love for Bollywood music and focus on product and technology helped scale Dhingana to great heights in a short span of three years.

Later it was sold to Rdio but not before rumors that the startup had closed down. One of the major reason that was cited was of record label T-Series not finding an incentive to continue the alliance with the startup.

Talking to TC, Neeraj Kalyan, President of T-Series, cleared the mist by stating that it was T-Series that was no more interested in renewing its license for nearly 8000 songs as it couldn’t see traction.

“T-Series has not renewed its license for and T-Series’ music has been withdrawn from the site with immediate effect. We were not able to see much traction from this platform as compared to other similar services in India and abroad and thus decided to part ways in an amiable manner.”

Snehal shares his thoughts on the controversies and informs that the exit has been a healthy one as any entrepreneur would like to have.

Click on the below video to listen and watch Snehal’s thoughts on the exit, life at Rdio, future of streaming business and a quick advice for entrepreneurs.