Snapdeal Twitter Contest #SnapdealBestPrice Snaps Up. Raises Questions In ORM

Snapdeal's Twitter contest #SnapdealBestPrice trended at the top, but failed to address the concern of the top tweet in the trend with a strong negative sentiment

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Friday seems to be the designated day for Twitter contests and yesterday saw quite a lot of them vying for a spot on the Twitter trends list. One such contest was by the online marketplace, Snapdeal that offers cool deals by a variety of merchants across categories like mobiles, electronics, books, apparel and services likes restaurants, spas, etc.

Snapdeal on bus

In a bid to promote its best deals, the deals site launched a Twitter contest that required one to tweet a product from the Snapdeal website that they thought was the best deal not to be found elsewhere. The tweets needed to be hashtagged with #SnapdealBestPrice and also contain the link to the product.

Within no time, the contest soon found itself trending at third position in the top Twitter trends. The prizes on offer were pen drives and MP3 players for 10 participants who shared the best deals.

However, things went slightly wrong during the contest with a few angry sentiments being shared on the micro-blogging platform along with the contest hashtag. In fact, the top tweet in the contest hashtag #SnapdealBestPrice was by a Twitter user named Supriya Tyagi who claimed the deal site to be fake and that it delivered expired products and had bad after sales service.

The tweet has been retweeted 1388 times and favourited 1325 times, so one can imagine the reach and impressions it must have created. Surprisingly, the Snapdeal Twitter account has chosen to ignore this tweet, during the entire contest run. While other users talked to Tyagi about his claim, Snapdeal has kept mum. The deals site did not make any effort to find out what made Tyagi say so?!

For an ambitious and growing brand like Snapdeal which has been recently funded, this could mean a social media error on its part. Negative sentiments are known to spread quickly and Twitter marketing strategies often go wrong in the wake of Twitter users choosing to air their dissatisfaction with a brand at a time when their Twitter contest is trending. By choosing to remain ignorant of the top tweet, Snapdeal has lost out on an opportunity to connect with the aggrieved customer and address his concerns.

When other ecommerce brands are struggling to get a hold and with the challenges ahead for an online marketplace in India, Snapdeal will have to tune its social media marketing campaigns to include a workable online reputation management model too. What do you think?

Image source: Network2Media