Taking A Look At SnapDeal, Flipkart and Amazon India Video Strategy To Connect With Sellers

With Snapdeal launching a sellers storytelling campaign on YouTube, we look at how Amazon India and Flipkart have been telling their seller stories

Buyers and sellers both help in building marketplaces like Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon India. This isn’t a ground breaking fact. However the trend of building video series showcasing small scale sellers from across the country by online shopping portals is interesting. Snapdeal, which claims to be India’s largest online marketplace with 40 million members, also hosts more than 100K sellers on its platform and is the latest eCommerce brand to follow the trend.

With the intention to reach out to sellers Snapdeal decided to extend its ongoing campaign “Dil Ki Deal” for which it had roped in Bollywood’s most successful actor, Aamir Khan as its brand ambassador. With “Dil Ki Deal” the brand aimed to highlight the fact that how with the wide range of products available on its platform, it is not only making people’s lives simpler or better but is also a medium that they can use to express their love for their dear ones.

In this second leg of the campaign, the brand along with its agency Leo Burnett has rolled out a minute long ad film that woos sellers to the platform, by showcasing what it can do to help them fulfill their dreams.

The film begins by declaring that it has been shot using real sellers on Snapdeal. The ad features entrepreneurs from across the country that don’t have to sit at a cash counter to make money. They are shown using Snapdeal to grow their business, by catering to customers across the country. At the end Khan appears in the ad and states,“Jab aap ka aur customer ka faasla kam hoga, tab aapke sapne, aur kareeb aayenge. Karo Snapdeal par business. Yahan hain 4 crore se zyada customers” (When the distance between you and your customers reduces, your dreams will come closer. Do business on Snapdeal, home to over 4 crore customers.)

Launched two days ago the video has gained over 2K views. In addition to the latest film, Snapdeal has shot a set of videos that feature stories of entrepreneurs who have built their dreams with Snapdeal. The three minute video embedded below is the story of R. K Verma, Founder at Prasad Toys Pvt. Ltd who is fulfilling digital growth for his 30-year-old offline business.

The second video story is about another young entrepreneur who has also built dreams with the help of Snapdeal.

The second leg of the campaign is an extension of the overall brand goal of driving life-changing experiences for lakhs of small and medium business owners across the country. “We have tried to capture the success stories of some of the sellers who are already selling on Snapdeal and growing their business exponentially. Our effort through this campaign is to reach out to millions of entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses across the country to sell their products online on our platform,” Sandeep Komaravelly, SVP, marketing, Snapdeal, said.

The global online shopping giant Amazon India has gone the Indian way to woo the small business owners with “Amazon Chai Cart.” Not sure if the recent offline campaign is driven by the popular “Chai Pe Charcha” campaign that struck the right sentiments for our PM Narendra Modi during his election campaigning. The company has deployed “Amazon Chai Carts” all across the Panchkula district of Haryana in a bid to get locals more aware about e-commerce and begin conversations about getting these small business owners online over a cup of chai/tea.

These carts have a trained staff, who will have discussions and conversations with business owners, sellers, retailers and SMEs while serving tea, cold water and lemon juice.

On digital, the brand started talking about seller stories since early last year. The YouTube channel Amazon India Seller University has playlists which have a bunch of inspiring seller stories. The below embedded video is a story of a young girl from Anand, Gujarat who started as a small seller of mobile accessories and today has grown her business with the help of Amazon India.

Flipkart, India’s largest electronic marketplace, has established training centers in small towns to help local merchants sell online.

On digital it has followed the same route of storytelling like its competitors. With the hashtag #GrowWithFlipkart, the brand recently uploaded seller success story from Jaipur which showcases how local entrepreneurs are bringing the handicraft industry to a bigger scale.

Brand building via telling seller stories

Showcasing seller stories isn’t new; if Snapeal has started this now, Flipkart and Amazon India have been doing it for some time. Giving sellers the 2 to 3 minute fame not only brings joy to the small scale entrepreneurs but it is also a clever brand building exercise for the platform. Most of the seller stories make sure to talk about the positives of their chosen eCommerce platform. All of them talk about how the brand has been a strong force in changing the lives of small scale industry.

However the campaign that Snapdeal has undertaken is much more aggressive and focused. Hopefully it will add more seller stories to its YouTube channel.

The country had witnessed retail e-commerce sales of $5.3 billion (roughly Rs. 33,661 crores) last year, according to eMarketer estimates of digital and brick and mortar retail sales around the world. Retail eCommerce sales in India are expected to grow by 45 percent to $7.69 billion (roughly Rs. 48,840 crores) this year. To grab a bigger pie of this growing retail eCommerce, brands know that they will have to invest in giving a voice to sellers.

Hence Snapdeal has launched the second leg of its ongoing campaign to talk about seller stories, the ball is now in Flipkart and Amazon’s court. Who will deliver first to extend their seller stories further?