Snapchat is acquiring mobile search app Vurb for $110M, Google launches video calling app Duo

World digital news of the day - Snapchat is reportedly acquiring Vurb, a search app for smartphones, for well over $100 million, Google today launched Duo, a one-to-one video calling app, and more

Pokemon Go Missing People Near Here: Missing People, a charity in the UK, is using the current Pokémon GO craze to raise awareness for the real high-risk missing people who desperately need to be found and made safe. Vinyl posters of missing people borrow the look and feel of Pokemon balls to target gamers in the area the at risk individual was last spotted. They ask anyone with information to call the charity’s free, 24/7 and confidential helpline 116 000.

Nike Celebrates the ‘Iron Nun’, an 86-Year-Old Triathlete With God on Her Side: The 86-year-old nun is a record-breaking Ironman triathlete and star of the newest spot in Nike’s “Unlimited” campaign, created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland and running throughout the Olympics.

Inside Fatherly’s very grown-up viral video strategy: The millennial dad-focused website Fatherly has been on Facebook barely more than a year, but it’s already using it in a very grown-up way. Thanks to a quickly, finely honed Facebook video strategy that’s earned Fatherly more than 250 million views in under a year, the site is now using its viral videos to grow not just its presence on the social network, but its email subscriber base, giving Fatherly a powerful return on investment in a platform that many publishers are worried they’re spending too much time and energy on.

5 charts on the state of Gawker Media: Gawker Media is being sold at auction after being hobbled by its expensive legal battle against Hulk Hogan, effectively ending its life as an independent company. All things considered, things could be worse for Gawker, though. It has pulled ahead in traffic and turned an operating profit in the second quarter of this year. Here are five ways of looking at the company’s value that potential suitors will be looking at.

Snapchat wants more TV-like content for Discover: Snapchat is interested in getting more Hollywood content on Discover. While that may go a long way in turning Discover into a destination for TV-like programming, Snapchat’s move also creates headaches for Discover publishers already devoting resources to creating daily, magazine-style content.

Google Hangouts On Air moving from Google+ to YouTube Live on September 12: According to an update posted on the YouTube Help site, users will no longer be able to schedule Hangouts On Air events via Google+ accounts in the coming weeks. Starting September 12, Hangouts On Air events will be scheduled using YouTube Live.

Facebook restricts Messenger bots to 24-hour window, adds subscriptions: On Monday, Facebook announced that its restricting how long Messenger bots have to respond to someone before they’re muzzled but is relaxing its rule forbidding promotional messages. Some Messenger bots will be able to sidestep the time limit with the introduction of subscription-based messaging.

Denny’s Facebook Live gambit: an animated talking pancake: Denny’s is coming to Facebook Live to answer the question none of us were asking: What would a pancake say if it could talk? For its Facebook Live debut tomorrow, Denny’s will combine animation and voice synthesizing software to bring a pancake to life. The anthropomorphic pancake will respond to comments as they trickle in. The live stream is a follow-up to its popular animated web series called “The Grand Slams,” which features animated versions of popular menu items and has garnered over 62 million views since its launch in 2014.

Twitter Is Now Letting Brands Sponsor Its Emoji-Like Stickers: In June, Twitter launched stickers that let users overlay searchable emojis and graphics on top of their photos. Now Pepsi is the first to launch a paid ad campaign using the visuals.

After redesigning Discover, Snapchat finds viewers grow but engagement drops: Two weeks after Snapchat launched a redesigned Discover section, channel partners noticed a significant uptick in overall viewers even as total views, completion rates and time spent per user declined.

How Sky News distributes video on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat: The Sky News mantra is that it’s the home for breaking news, and on social media that’s no different. Its video views have gone from 94 million a month in May to 148 million in July across platforms, according to Tubular Labs. The broadcaster was the first to film a Facebook live video several hours after the attack in Nice last month, with foreign affairs editor Sam Kiley answering questions from the audience.

Instagram gives marketers a new tool to muzzle haters: Brand media accounts are frequent targets of customer complaints, offensive slurs and hashtag trolls. Now Instagram is hoping to contain that by giving users — including brands — greater control over the moderation of their comments. As the Washington Post reported, the platform has started allowing “accounts with high volume comment threads” to filter their comment streams, and even turn off comments entirely.

Ray-Ban Oh Jerome No:Oh Jerome, no!” The eponymous phrase refers to Jerome (Mamoudou Athie, The Get Down), the protagonist in the latest short film from Ray-Ban and Yours Truly. Oh Jerome No, the third short for Ray-Ban as part of their #ITTAKESCOURAGE campaign, explores the story of Jerome, a bachelor with all the luck in his court: mystery, sociability, and sensitivity.

Google launches video calling app Duo for Android and iOS: Google today launched Google Duo, a one-to-one video calling app for Android and iOS. You can download Duo from Google Play and Apple’s App Store, though you may have to wait a bit as this is a gradual rollout — “it will be live worldwide in the next few days.”

Snapchat is acquiring mobile search app Vurb for $110M+: Snapchat could help you organize a night out with friends or get a digest of the day’s news thanks to its acquisition of mobile search startup Vurb.