Snapchat Has Released “Chat 2.0”, Instagram Rolled Out 60-Second Video Ad Units

Global digital news - Snapchat seamlessly combines video, audio, GIFs, stickers in “Chat 2.0”, Instagram rolled out 60-second video ad units to appeal to a wider audience, and more

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Bloomberg is dropping the Business from Bloomberg Business to leave just Bloomberg: Going forward, Bloomberg Business will be simply “Bloomberg.” The consumer financial news site will just go by the name of its namesake founder as part of a homepage redesign that went live Tuesday afternoon.

Dentsu Aegis Network acquires Darwin Marketing in China: Dentsu Aegis Network has acquired China based digital performance agency Darwin Marketing Limited (Darwin). Post-acquisition Darwin will be integrated with iProspect, doubling headcount and adding significant scale in search and performance marketing products and services under the single entity of iProspect China.

Snapchat updates its privacy policy to allow for customized ads: With two little words added to its privacy policy — “including ads” — Snapchat appears ready to compete for bigger digital ad budgets. The messaging and media app updated its policies today, burying them within a major product announcement introducing new video and chat features. The new privacy guidelines outline how Snapchat will be able to use customer data to customize ads going forward.

Hootsuite buys Sales Prodigy app to offer better tools for social marketing to potential buyers: The Vancouver-based social management platform will now offer more specialized capabilities to businesses looking for customers who post about their needs online.

SoundCloud officially launches paid subscription service, SoundCloud Go: SoundCloud has followed Spotify, Apple Music, and others into the world of of subscription on-demand music this week, adding a $10/month subscription tier to its music streaming service.

Vox Media moves into experiential marketing: Vox Media, which sees itself as the quintessential modern publisher, has decided it needs to bring its digital brands into the real world as well. The publisher has hired Vanessa Fontanez as its first executive director of experiential marketing to extend its eight online verticals, including, The Verge and Curbed, to events.

Instagram welcomes minute-long videos for all accounts: Last month, Instagram rolled out 60-second video ad units to appeal to a wider audience. This was a large shift from the traditional short-form video model and was only available to advertisers. However, today, Instagram is rolling out the ability for users and brands to upload minute-long videos to their accounts.

Brands can now pin how-to guides on Pinterest, but not as ads: Pinterest is showing off the first set of how-to pins that people can click on to see step-by-step guides on how to do things like make a soft pretzel or get in an intense yoga workout. Brit & Co, Delish, Elle,, Greatist, Home Depot, Marie Claire, Style Me Pretty and Sunset are among the first brands and publishers to use these new types of pins.

Mark Zuckerberg goes live on Facebook to talk Oculus, future of virtual reality: Not content to simply announce the long awaited-arrival of the Oculus Rift to consumers, company founder Palmer Luckey and Facebook (the parent company of Oculus) founder Mark Zuckerberg both engaged in unusually direct presentations to the public this week.

Twitter now lets users add image descriptions to help the visually impaired: Twitter is working to make it easier for people with visual impairments to access and understand images uploaded to the site. Although screen readers and braille technology work efficiently with text posts, images have been out of reach — until now. Starting today, people using the iOS and Android apps will be able to add descriptions for images they post on the site.

As Expected, Tinder Buys Humin to Goose Better Relationships: The Los Angeles-based dating app is buying the technology and intellectual property of the San Francisco company, as well as hiring the top execs at Humin, although not all its employees. Co-founders Ankur Jain and David Wyler will become Tinder’s VP of product and partnerships, respectively, and most Humin engineers will be offered jobs.

Snapchat seamlessly combines video, audio, GIFs, stickers in “Chat 2.0”: Say what you want, how you want. That’s how Snapchat’s reps say CEO Evan Spiegel describes Chat 2.0, a massive set of new features launching today. It lets private conversations morph between mediums depending on what users want to show or tell, and whether they can speak up or must stay silent. As WhatsApp focuses on simplicity and Facebook Messenger chases commerce, Snapchat is positioning itself as the most vivid, human way to chat.