Snapchat Dips Its Toes In Programmatic, Pinterest’s video ads show promise but not reach

World digital news - On Thursday – amid strengthening rumors of an IPO – Snapchat finally released its anticipated ads API, Some marketers are intrigued with Pinterest video ads, and more

IJC Museum in the Cloud: ANA (All Nippon Airways) tourism site, Is Japan Cool?, includes IJC Museum in the Cloud, a 3D virtual museum created in the cloud allowing art buffs anywhere access to range of Japan’s leading artists representing Japan’s contemporary art scene. The Digital Craft Grand Prix winner at Spikes Asia Awards 2016 features seven galleries with work by Yayoi Kusama, Nerhol (Yoshihisa Tanaka and Ryuta Iida), Manabu Ikeda, Tabaimo, Taku Obata, Kohei Nawa, and Hisashi Tenmyouya.

Online ads need to be viewable for 14 secs to be seen: An online ad needs to be on the screen for 14 seconds to have any chance of being looked at, according to a new study on the relationship between viewability, gaze time, ad clutter and people’s ability to remember ads. This was highlighted in a study by InSkin Media.

Lemon Square gets a cookie talking to target Filipinos, goes viral: In a bid to stand out in a sea of cookie brands in the Philippines, Lemon Square decided to maximise the digital space to launch its first cookie brand, Cookie Says, to reach its target market of teenagers and yuppies.

MTV is creating three Snapchat Discover series: In an effort to create programming that lives on Snapchat, MTV is launching three new video series. The first which launched on Sept. 29 is a game show called “Show Us Ur Phone” where the host meets couples on the street and looks through their phones.

Rail Safe Conscious Crossing: KiwiRail marked Rail Safety Week in New Zealand with “Conscious Crossing”, an experiment run on a dangerous pedestrian crossing in Lower Hutt. Moveable rail guards were installed in the lead up to the crossing in Epuni, requiring pedestrians and cyclists to navigate a different approach each day.

Snapchat Dips Its Toes In Programmatic, But Advertisers Want To See More: On Thursday – amid strengthening rumors of an IPO – Snapchat finally released its anticipated ads API to enable better automation, targeting and measurement. It is running with nine partners. Advertisers can buy Snap Ads – full-screen, sound-on, vertical video ad units – programmatically on the platform.

Snapchat Is Ditching Auto Advance Stories in Favor of Playlists: Snapchat is putting users’ friends stories back where they came from. The company is reorganizing the layout of the app to put friends’ content at the top, followed by the Discover and subscription sections.

Instagram Stories get viewed by one-third of its 300-million-large daily audience, ignored by rest: As large as number as 100 million is, it represents a one-third minority of the 300 million people that check Instagram every day. In other words, two-thirds of Instagram’s daily audience swipe past the Stories sitting conspicuously atop their main feeds.

Facebook’s new Events app could be a Trojan Horse rival to Google Calendar: Facebook has become a popular place for people to pencil in their plans. Every day more than 100 million people — about 9% of Facebook’s daily audience — use the social network’s events feature, per Facebook. So now Facebook is spinning off events into own mobile app — which may become more than an event-specific calendar and more of a general-purpose calendar a la Google Calendar.

Snapchat Said to Be Preparing for IPO as Soon as March: Snapchat has begun preparing filings for an initial public offering and is aiming to sell shares in the first quarter of next year, according to people familiar with the matter. The company, which recently changed its name to Snap Inc., could list as soon as March, depending on factors including equity market volatility, the health of the Chinese economy and the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Canon turns to social influencer Anna Akana for ‘Rebel With A Cause’ video around anti-bullying: Canon turned to social influencer Anna Akana, who has over 1.5 million subscribers to her YouTube, for their “Rebel With a Cause” piece around anti-bullying.

Pinterest’s video ads show promise but not reach: About two months ago, Pinterest rolled out video ads. While some marketers are intrigued, brands and agencies say that the ads only make sense for brands aligned with niche categories that are popular on Pinterest.