Facebook Is Building An Empathy Button, Not “Dislike”,Snapchat Acquires Looksery To Power Its Animated Lenses

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1. Lawsuit Accuses Twitter Of Spying On Direct Messages: Suit alleges that Twitter eavesdrops on private chats to benefit its advertising business. Plaintiff is seeking class action status for all Americans who have sent or received a Twitter DM.

2. Relax, brands, Facebook’s ‘dislike’ button won’t be hatemaggedon: Rest easy, McDonald’s, Walmart, Comcast and any other brand that has armies of haters. Despite the Internet frenzy over Mark Zuckerberg saying Facebook is working on a “dislike” button, there’s little chance this will turn Facebook into Lord of the Flies.

3. Facebook is taking a stand against hate speech in Germany: After the appearance of a barrage of venomous Facebook tirades aimed against refugees and migrants seeking asylum in Germany, the social media giant is finally taking a stance against such vitriol, and will be working alongside the German Justice Ministry to remove such content.

4. Dislike Button? Facebook’s Not Getting That — But It May Gain Alternative To The Like Button: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has long disliked the idea of a dislike button, but he said today that Facebook will soon be testing an alternative to the Like button, another way for people to express shorthand emotions within the social network.

5. This Interactive Coke Ad in a Subway Station Winks and Smiles When You Do: A digital ad housed in a Stockholm, Sweden, subway station lets passersby determine what emotions appear on the vertical, rectangular screen. In a nutshell, Coke’s emojis mimic the consumers’ facial expressions. The fun campaign uses a “Choose Happiness” tagline, an extension of Coke’s multi-channel #MakeItHappy endeavor.

6. App Ad Spend On Facebook Up Nearly 300 Percent In Q2: App developers spent 293 percent more on Facebook ads in Q2 2015 than in Q2 the prior year, and mobile app installs from Facebook ads grew by 346 percent year-over-year. That’s according to Kenshoo’s latest quarterly report on mobile app advertising.

7. Facebook Is Building An Empathy Button, Not “Dislike”. Here’s How It Could Work: The Dislike button has long been the most requested feature from Facebook users. But don’t hold your breath for a button called “Dislike”. Zuck explicitly said that’s not what Facebook is building.

8. Facebook can now vote on emoji standards: One of the internet’s most important standards groups just got a new member. Today, Facebook joined as a full member of the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit group responsible for formulating standards for character-encoding. Most notably, the Unicode Consortium sets the standards for emoji, allowing the same characters to be standardized across operating systems. Facebook is one of just eleven full members of the consortium, alongside Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo and Adobe, among others.

9. Twitter And Square Partner To Create Another Way To Throw Money At Political Candidates: Twitter on Tuesday announced it would partner with payments service Square to allow its users to donate to political candidates via tweets. Political candidates sign up for accounts through Square Cash, and then their campaigns can tweet a $Cashtag to request donations from supporters.

10. Skype Introduces Its Own Version Of Emojis: Skype introduced a method to bring brief film segments into its chat service today, adding something akin to GIF support inside of the communications platform. Dubbed ‘Mojis,’ Skype’s new additions are, in the company’s own words, “short clips from your favorite movies and TV shows” that can be used when talking, via text, to other users of the service.

11. Snapchat Acquires Looksery To Power Its Animated Lenses: Snapchat’s new animated selfie Lenses come courtesy of a new acquisition: Looksery. In a suspicious turn of events, Selfie animation app Looksery disappeared from the App Stores this morning just as Snapchat launched Lenses. Meme artist Ronen V informed me that Lenses looked identical to Looksery’s technology. And after I inquired, Snapchat confirmed to me that it has in fact acquired Looksery, and the Looksery team has joined Snapchat’s.

12. Snapchat now lets you pay 99 cents to replay any snap: Users can now pay 99 cents to replay old snaps. Previously, Snapchatters were only able to replay one snap a day for free. Users will still have the one free replay daily, but now they can replay as many snaps as they like as long as they’re willing to pay. The fee will get users three replays. Snapchat only allows each snap to replayed once, before it disappears forever.

13. Kakao Pay passes 5M users in its first 12 months: South Korean tech company Kakao, which was rebranded from Daum Kakao at the start of the month, announced Tuesday that its mobile payments platform Kakao Pay has passed five million users in the first 12 months since launch.