Smirnoff Experience Reveals Its New Brand Mantra #Unfakeit

Diageo India has rolled out a new campaign for its live event, Smirnoff Experience called ‘unfakeit’, where its urging fans to be real to have fun and not fake it.

Smirnoff unfakeit

There isn’t a doubt that social networking has changed our natural social behaviour. We take pictures of our exotic food only to show off on Instagram, rather than enjoy it. We are so busy sharing our ‘foreign holiday’ pictures on Facebook that we often forget we are on a vacation. Sharing a selfie is so ‘in’ that we have ended up mastering the duck face selfie, even if it is fake.

A brand is now urging us to ‘un-fake-it’ and be real. Diageo India has rolled out a new campaign for its live event, Smirnoff Experience – a music festival that blends music, visual arts and technology, called ‘unfakeit’. Based on the premise that real fun happens when we are real and not faking it, Diageo’s new message urges consumers to ‘unfakeit’ quite literally.

At the heart of the campaign is the ‘unfakeit’ film that reminds you what’s more important at a party – who’s watching you or how you are having fun. It starts with four people entering a party with the intention to make all heads turn, but what they experience instead is the central idea of the film. Watch it to ‘unfakeit’:

The video is being shared by the brand’s social media properties to spread the message and trigger conversations around the campaign hashtag #unfakeit. Also, the idea of ‘unfakeit’ is being extended on to digital too.

The Smirnoff Experience Facebook and Twitter pages started off with teasers to keep fans glued to what’s coming up at the brand, and then revealed the new brand mantra through the ad film. The social media pages are sharing cool graphic visuals that depict ‘unfakeit’, while driving #unfakeit conversations.

Bonding with the unfakers

We are living a life where our impulsive need is to share about our perfect life. We are moving on a mass exodus from being real to being fake, in the chase for likes, retweets, favourites in this social media driven age. A brand that tells you to stop this and get a reality check, is indeed going to shake you up. For Smirnoff Experience, Diageo has chosen a smart mantra in ‘unfakeit’, one that will steer the brand towards mass youth appeal on social media.

The visual depictions of ‘unfakeit’ are simple yet they have been carefully thought of, to bring out the right message. Moreover, the new mantra and the campaign activities on social media sits well with a festival celebrating music, visual arts and technology. Moving further, Smirnoff Experience would need to keep up the brand voice with ‘unfakeit’ through fan engagement, if it really needs the idea to resonate with its fans.