1. Sysomos Acquires Social Marketing Service Expion: Sysomos, the social analytics company that recently split from its former acquirer Marketwire, today announced that it has acquired Expion, an enterprise social marketing platform that counts the likes of CocaCola, Heineken, Volvo and other major brands among its customers.

2. Libra I Am Fearless: Libra in Australia is running “I Am Fearless”, an integrated advertising campaign designed to help young women learn to deal with the things that are holding them back – their fears. iamfearless.com.au is a place young women can visit, to share their own stories, and to feel they are not alone as they face their fears, big or small. The campaign launched on Sunday night with a 30 sec TVC, several digital videos and an online platform housing exclusive content from all three ambassadors as well as real life stories from contributors from all walks of life.

3. Forever 21 Recreates Instagram Snaps via a Giant Thread Screen: Forever 21 has collaborated with Brooklyn-based agency Breakfast to build a thread screen that displays consumers’ Instagram images in real time. When you post a photograph with the hashtag #Forever21ThreadScreen to Instagram, your image will show on a thread screen, an ad project created by agency Breakfast for Forever 21.

4. Ford Celebrated World Emoji Day By Tweeting Beautiful Images Made Out Of Emojis: To help celebrate the day, Blue Hive Italy, on behalf of Ford Italia, created three wonderfully creative images out of emojis and posted them to Twitter with the #WorldEmojiDay hashtag. Various emojis were gathered to render a dog, an old man with a cane, and a kid on a scooter.

5. Sling TV Launches Hilarious #TakeBackTV Video And Social Campaign: Alternative TV provider Sling TV has launched a new millennial-focused campaign, #TakeBackTV, which includes online video, social media and old-school TV spots. Central to the campaign are three ads which humorously poke fun at the old TV model. In these ads, cable companies (referred to as “Old TV”) are represented by kids playing school yard bullies, uttering the usual lines we’re all tired of hearing: “No, you can’t lower your bill, you signed a contract,” and, “There’s a rental fee for all of this!” There’s even a wrestling bout on the lawn with a “purple nurple” thrown in for good measure.

6. Only 2% of Marketers Have ‘Very Effective’ Content Strategy [Study]: According to a new study by the CMO Council, content marketing is on the rise - but less than half of B2B marketers think their strategies are at least somewhat effective. Though everyone agrees that “content is king,” only 2 percent of marketers believe their strategies are highly-effective, according to new research by the CMO Council.

7. YouTube 360-Degree Video Comes To TrueView Ads: In March, YouTube began supporting 360-degree video uploads made with compatible 360-degree video cameras. The new TrueView ads can be viewed in Chrome and the YouTube app on Android and iOS. By clicking the icon in the ad on computers or by moving a phone around, up and down, left and right, users can change their view of what’s happening in the video.

8. This Quarter In Facebook: Engagement Rates Up As Costs Come Down: Confidently taking stock of the Facebook environment and appropriately rolling out tactics to best meet strategic goals is an ongoing challenge, even for large advertisers. New ad types debut, others are modified, targeting criteria are adjusted, and that’s on top of the platform itself growing more globally and its ads becoming ingrained in areas outside of Facebook. To provide some guidance in this fluid marketplace, the team and I at Nanigans (my employer) release a wide-ranging Benchmark Report every quarter.

9. #WorldEmojiDay generates over 271,000 mentions with Miller Lite proving most active Twitter account: #WorldEmojiDay, when social media celebrated the illustrations that are used to evoke a feeling within digital communications, drew over 271,000 mentions online.

10. Microsoft Introduces Send, A Short-Form Email App That Works More Like Instant Messaging: Microsoft today is introducing a new application aimed at reducing the time it takes to check and respond to email while on your smartphone. With Send, as the app is called, the idea is to make email perform more like instant messaging, as it does away with more formal email constructs – like the subject line, for example – in favor of quicker, shorter messages that you can dash off in seconds.