How To Convert Your SlideShare Audience Into Business Leads

Acc. to LinkedIn from today brands will be able to build their audience through Lead Generation On SlideShare. We show you how it can be done in 4 steps


LinkedIn, the popular professional network acquired SlideShare, the professional content sharing platform in 2012 for $119 million in cash and stock. Post acquisition, last year LinkedIn removed all paid features and made the product free. Interestingly, the company is once again offering paid tools for marketers with SlideShare.

According to a latest announcement by LinkedIn, from today onward brands will be able to build their audience through Lead Generation On SlideShare, enabling marketers to identify key consumers of their content and connect with their audience. Leveraging SlideShare’s 70 million unique visitors a month, marketers will be able to engage with professionals around the world.

LinkedIn further states that the launch features several important product features such as higher quality data leads that would be integrated with LinkedIn Autofill so viewers can easily fill-out lead forms on SlideShare with their LinkedIn profile information. In addition to this lead collection via mobile and embed traffic and seamless way for brands to connect their Marketo and HubSpot accounts to manage the leads they collect on SlideShare.

To start with companies like CMI, HubSpot, and Marketo are already using SlideShare’s new lead gen product for their business goals.

Setting up Lead Generation on SlideShare

1. Choose the content: Once you are on the Lead Generation On SlideShare page, the first thing you need to do is to select an existing content or upload a new one. Once you select your content, click on next which is at the end of the page. You can also select more than one content to promote.

2. Customizing lead form: This step allows you to design your own lead generation form according to your business needs. Either you can select existing information or add your own and instruct when to make the lead form active.


Budgeting and targeting are also done in this second step. Depending on the region the introductory price for leads differ. For instance if target region is Asia then the lead price is $3 and if it is North America the per lead price is $5. Assign a campaign name and move to next step.

3. Review: The last step allows you to review campaign details and the lead generation placement form. You can also edit the campaign budget details.

4. Payments: Post this SlideShare will connect to LinkedIn for verifying details. Once that is done you are taken to the final step of this entire process where you pay using LinkedIn. While this is a one time payment authorization and you will be only charged for leads as they are collected, a $5 is credited as a setup fee.

Once the campaign is active you can review your leads on the Lead dashboard. However make sure that you have connected to marketing automation tools such as Hubspot or Marketo by logging into SlideShare Account Settings feature.

Lead generation is one of the primary business objectives of B2B companies and LinkedIn is aware of it. Activating such a service on SlideShare at a time when decision makers are putting their money on content marketing, LinkedIn is not only helping marketers by giving them action oriented results but has also diversified its revenues beyond premium subscriptions and job ads on the site.