Slice Introduces 3 New Mango Flavours With #SliceSvayAAMvar Featuring Brand Ambassador Katrina Kaif

The #SliceSvayAAMvar campaign by Pepsico's Slice, where 3 new flavours were launched with extensive storytelling using videos, website, Facebook,Twitter

Slice aamsutra

Slice aamsutra

The hot Indian summers have brought back ‘Aamsutra’, but this time the sensuality has taken a storytelling route. Ever since Slice, the mango flavoured drink from Pepsico, introduced ‘Slice Aamsutra’ featuring brand ambassador and actress, Katrina Kaif in a seductive avatar, viewers have been enticed to quench their thirst with a bottle of Slice.

This year the beverage brand has launched the ‘Slice SvayAAMvar’ to introduce three new mango flavours – Kesar, Dussehri and Banganapalli. Taking inspiration from a ‘swayamvar’, the ancient Hindu tradition where the bride chooses her groom from a bevy of able contenders, the Slice SvayAAMvar campaign has the three new ‘aams’ (mangoes) waiting to be chosen by Katrina in search of the perfect mango.

And while at it, consumers have been made a part of her journey through interesting activities on digital and social media, in addition to traditional mediums. People have been invited to vote for their favourite mango flavour to help decide Katrina’s special mango and win a chance to meet her on a date. The ‘Slice SvayAAMvar’ is a two-and-a-half month campaign that will run nationwide till the 10th of June.

Indulge in the #SliceSvayAAMvar

The beginning of March saw the social media platforms of Slice sharing visuals with Katrina dressed as a bride, while fans were invited to indulge in her new avatar and guess what she was upto. Soon a short video was shared about Katrina’s search for her ‘khaas aam’ through the #SliceSvayAAMvar.

This was followed by many wall updates and cover photos bracing up the community to indulge in #SliceSvayAAMvar. A dedicated website was then shared that enabled a viewer to have an immersive experience with Katrina. A Slice mobile app has been created to give a complete experience along with the website. One has to pair their phone with the desktop browser by adding a code provided at the website, before embarking on the virtual journey.

In the film, Katrina takes the viewer down south to Dakshini to share about the Banganapalli mango, then through the fertile foothills of Gujarat to share about the Kesar mango, and finally to Lucknow for the favoured Dussehri mango. Though the mobile app talks about interactivity, the only time I could interact was to swipe the screen to unveil the blinds. (As claimed by the app, you can use it to fly kites in Gujarat and have a conversation with Katrina, apart from many other exciting interactive features that place you by Katrina’s side)

The website also features short videos when you choose to discover each of the three flavours and vote for them. Kesar seems to be the most popular one with 2500 votes at present. The website has been enabled with Facebook and Twitter share buttons too.

The Facebook and Twitter pages of Slice created a buzz to spread the video stories featuring the new mangoes. A contest hashtagged #SliceSwayaamvarUnfolds was hosted for fans to discover and unlock the three stories, where each story was a video that can be unlocked by answering 3 questions. This is the story of Banganapalli mango:

Answers have been hidden for each of the flavours in the brand pages at Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You have to follow Slice on all three platforms, and enter the answers exactly as given in the post, tweet or pin. This was followed by a Twitter contest around the video stories, where prizes involved boxes of the new Slice flavours.

New product launch with storytelling

Storytelling is often the most effective way to describe, teach or create a memorable experience for the listener. With tools like social media, telling a good story can be done in unique ways in this digital age, like we see in the ‘Slice Svayaamvar’ campaign. The integrated approach with a website and video stories powered by engaging activities on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest has ensured a good recall for each of the 3 new flavours.

With the campaign, Slice has not only leveraged its community to be a part of the journey of discovery with the brand ambassador, but also helped build a long term bond with Slice fans. The campaign has taken creative and engaging storytelling a notch up.

While the Aamsutra campaign launched years ago helped revive Slice in the Indian market of mango lovers divided between Parle’s Frooti and Coca Cola’s Maaza, the new Slice Svayaamvar campaign has further strengthened the beverage brand’s association with pure mango pleasure.