India’s Got Talent Integrates Skype To Connect Fans With Its Judges, Hosts & Contestants

Colors' India partners with Skype for its reality show India's Got Talent so that fans can interact with show judges, host and participants. Will this move entice youth to open up Skype for original content from India's Got Talent?

Colors India Got Talent Skype

Reality shows on TV are dime a dozen. TV channels are trying hard to get all the aspects to have a better TRP but left with only a handful of options, it is becoming tough to catch the attention of an average user. Besides the bigger question is – how does a TV channel connect with today’s youth who spends maximum time on WhatsApp or Facebook? Entertainment television channel Colors’ has found a very interesting integration with voice and video messaging app Skype to connect with the youth in order to get them one step closer to its ongoing reality show “India’s Got Talent” and its judges, hosts and contestants.

In a latest announcement, Colors states, “In a first-of-its-kind association, the show in its sixth season has joined hands with popular VoIP software Skype. As a part of this association, a unique Skype ID namely ‘IGTonColors’ has been created exclusively for India’s Got Talent which facilitates interactions with the judges, hosts and this season’s enthralling talent. Through the Skype ID, users will be able to connect with like-minded fans of the show, gain access to exclusive India’s Got Talent content, and send any questions they may have to the judges and presenters.”

If you are a fan of the reality show then Add IGTonColors as a Skype contact, make sure that you have an updated Skype version installed on your device. I added the Skype account and in a matter of seconds, IGTonColors delivered me a welcome message with a video that explains how a user can involve with the judges, hosts and contestants of the reality show.

Fans can ask questions in this format – “Hi, my name is [your name], and my question is [your question] for [name of host/judge/contestant/Skype host].” If you want to chat with a judge then type in the name and you would be added to the group chat account of the judge. There would be competitions running on Skype with prizes including tickets to the exclusive India’s Got Talent Grand Finale on June 27, 2015.

The integration will also provide users exclusive behind the Talent Webisodes featuring highlights from the show, bloopers and exclusive interviews with judges, presenters and contestants. “To be led by social media host, Meiyang Chang, the series will give viewers an uninhibited glimpse into the mind-numbing talent interspersed with humor as Chang shares his expert opinions on the performances,” said the company release.


These exclusive content are being shared with fans on Skype and one can find them hosted also on the Colors microsite for India’s Got Talent.

In order to connect contributors from all over with India’s Got Talent, a Skype TX Studio has been installed on the sets of the show in Mumbai.  Whether they are desktop Skype client, or mobile device users, this unique technology will allow an up close interaction with the stars and contestants of the show.

Both Skype India and India’s Got Talent have used social media channels to promote the alliance.

There was a time when people used to write letters to connect with TV stars, it evolved to SMS and today the digital integration of platforms like Skype are a natural progression. Skype’s integration with Colors for India’s Got Talent is definitely unique in India and it gives a chance for fans to connect with their celebrities in an innovative way.

Features like group chats with judges and hosts, along with contests are interesting but creating exclusive content and behind the scene footage is really exciting. This will not only help the reality show to reach out to youth who are carrying their social media world in their mobile but also drive maximum eyeballs to Skype.

While it is a first-of-its-kind integration in India, recently in US Marvel superfans interviewed the stars of Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron in an epic group video call Q&A. In another instance season one Master Chef Jr. winner Alexander Weiss used Skype video messaging to task vloggers Hunter March and Teala Dunn with a series of culinary challenges. Inspired by dishes the contestants make on the show the vloggers take on Alexander’s cooking challenges every other week.

However, it is a little surprising that Colors partnered with Skype while ignoring popular messaging apps like WeChat or Hike in India. WhatsApp remains the most popular messaging app in the country but brand solutions are yet not possible.

Nevertheless, it is a unique integration and would be interesting to see if the youth would log in to Skype to consume the exclusive content and contests from the reality show.