Simplify360 Partners With NYU Stern For Superbowl Advertising Research

by Prasant Naidu on February 3, 2022

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Hot on rumors with a possible acquisition by Adobe, Simplify360 collaborates with researchers from New York University’s Stern School of Business to conduct joint work on the Superbowl and other major sporting events. The collaboration is focused on analyzing complex patterns of social media discussion, and the impact of chatter on advertising performance.

Simplify360, a leading name in the social business intelligence industry with a presence in India and US, has decided to monitor conversations on Twitter and Facebook but not limited to them. To start with, the research focused on America’s biggest sporting event of the year, Super Bowl XLVIII will try to find answers to questions such as:

1.  How do people react to advertisements during the Superbowl?

2. Is there an effect of team winning or losing on advertiser impact?

3. Beyond buzz, which ads were genuinely high-performing for long run impact?

4. Why did some ads fail to get traction?

5. What is the behaviour of people discussing different brands? Does the match of the ad sentiment with the brand image matter?

NYU Professor Arun Sundararajan who is spearheading this research in collaboration with doctoral candidate Tingting Nian stressed that the research will shed light on human behavior that drives social media chatter, taking analysis in this space beyond rankings and polarity counts, and bringing a rigorous brand framework into the picture.

Getting insights about human behavior during major sporting events and how people react to brand promotions during such events has been an area of interest for networking giants as well as for social media analytics giants. Though there have been reports on how sports fans engage on social media but trying to compute business value out of it has been rare.

To start with Super Bowl XLVIII, the American football event that drew more than 100 million viewers to watch the Denver Broncos battle the Seattle Seahawks is perfect sporting event since it is undoubtedly a full-on marketing showdown — with 30-second spots running $4 million. So for marketers it has become extremely crucial to understand the impact of these ads as granular a level as possible. Attempts for research reports like this between Simplify360 and Stern School of Business could provide a more reliable picture of how impactful are brands in such sporting events.

With Axe scoring the most points with their “Make Love, Not War” and Subway’s Fritos Chicken Enchilada ad, Toyota’s Muppets ad being the duds of this year, it would be interesting to find out what the Simply360 report would have to say about it. Will the new Axe ad sustain beyond the regular buzz, will it genuinely create a long term impact?

Prasant Naidu

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