Signature StartUp Brings Forth Real Life #PassionToPaycheck Stories

An online platform features a number of real life success stories of a drummer, a photographer, an actor, and many more, who’ve made the difficult transition from well-paying corporate jobs, to convert their passion into paycheck


They say the purpose of our life is to ‘find the purpose of our life’ and keep risking it till our last breath. But, finding our purpose, our true calling in life is something most of us keep pushing under the carpet, in the hope that one day it’ll be the right time to step out of our current well-paying job, and ‘Start Up!’ into a world of uncertainty, fear of failure and public ridicule. That one day remains a distant dream, though.

A few brave souls, however, do get out of their comfort zones (read fat paychecks, a position of corporate recognition, a fixed roadmap to career success), and steadily rise to fame and recognition and of course a fat new paycheck. Like Oprah would put it, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

Their stories are what truly inspire people to carve their own path, chase their own dream, and create their own signature. Celebrating these heroes and providing a platform for aspiring passionate people, is the new ‘Signature Start Up’ campaign by the whisky brand from Diageo’s United Spirits.

‘Signature Start Up’ is powered by a simple transformative belief - #PassionToPaycheck.

The online platform brings forth a number of real life success stories featuring a drummer, a photographer, a new age content creator, an actor, a dancer, a handicrafts maker and more, who’ve made the difficult transition from well-paying corporate jobs, to convert their passion into paycheck.

The first video stars drummer Virendra Kaith from Demonic Resurrection, a melodic death metal band, India’s best Extreme Metal band. The 100-second spot quickly takes a viewer through his journey from ‘passion to paycheck’. It tells of what inspired him to quit a stable job at a call center and follow his passion for music, that eventually led to him winning the best drummer award at the Rolling Stone (India) Metal Awards 2015.

The second video stars 2Blue who is a singer, a writer, an RJ, and an actor, but spent  14 years in the corporate world before making the jump. In the 3.3 minute video he begins with his favourite lyrics from Gun ‘n’ Roses and then talks about how a series of events led him to his true calling. The man has acted in Jesus Christ Superstar and also founded one of India’s top rock acts, Zedde.

This is the story of Pratibha Parthasarathy, a computer science graduate from BITS, Pilani and an MBA from SP Jain Institute of Management, who worked in blue chip firms like Infosys, but always nurtured her passion for music. She makes the leap one day to being a full time musician and entrepreneur.Today she runs her own online music academy and juggles the hats of performer, composer and entrepreneur.

Another inspiring story is of Shraddha Shrinath, a well-to-do real estate lawyer with a Bangalore-based firm whose true calling was acting. She tried for a couple of years to give her legal career a proper shot but ultimately took the leap when she was offered the lead role in a Kannada film.

Many more success stories have been featured on the site along with startup accessories, and a box to subscribe for more stories in your email inbox. The social media properties of the brand have been sharing these stories, and spreading inspiration, while driving fans to the site.

Riding the startup wave

More and more brands have been embracing passionate individuals who’ve met with success and paychecks. in fact, the trend of highlighting inspiring real life stories had picked up momentum last year, when a bunch of brands from a variety of sectors chose to support the spirit of starting up, to celebrate the spirit of taking the road less travelled, and carving a name for themselves in history. Startups and the spirit of entrepreneurship is being celebrated by many Indian brands this year. Read “More and More Indian Brands Are Celebrating The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship in India”.

For a spirit brand looking to build a long term brand story, the Signature StartUp campaign is smoothly aligned with the goal of creating a community of like-minded individuals building their own ‘signature.’ StartUp stories of #PassionToPaycheck could be further aided with mentoring and support for aspiring individuals.