How The Signature Selfies App Engaged Fashionistas With Over 29.2K iOS & 45.2K Android Downloads

Case study by digital agency Experience Commerce on how Signature tapped young fashionistas with Signature Selfies app, giving them a platform to showcase their ‘Signature Style’


The opportunity

‘Brand Signature’ is all about glamour, style and making an impression. The brand has been continually associated with fashion shows and celebrity fashion icons, within India and globally, influencing fashion experts and budding fashionistas.

However for the new age digital consumer, fashion is not just limited to ramp walks or the latest trends at fashion weeks. It is a heady blend of ‘self expression’ and an individualistic style. Young people no longer want to be just trendsetting; they want to be ‘uniquely themselves’, even if it means going against the trends.

To tap into this community of young trendsetters, Signature launched a two-month long campaign purely through a mobile app – the Signature Selfie app. Designed for and targeted at the 18-32 age group, urban, fashion conscious consumers, who are regular users of apps, social sharing and websites, the campaign provided them with a platform to showcase their ‘Signature Style’ and also win in the process.

Signature roped in fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar to select the most stylish signature selfie and teamed up with digital agency Experience Commerce to execute the same. While the top five most voted selfies won prizes every week, one of them won a private portfolio shoot with Atul.

The idea

The ‘Selfies’ app mirrored the bold concept of self-expression, positive narcissism, the culture of self-love and creative identities. But while, Selfie is a cultural phenomenon - it wasn’t just any selfie; it was the ‘fashion’ selfie branded as - The Signature Selfie’.

The idea was to enable every individual to take a fashionable selfie and easily share it. One had to sign up with Facebook or Twitter to get started on the app. The innovative 5-second timer made it easy to pose and just have enough time to give it your best pout. The Selfie pro-tips from Atul, glam filters to add effects and an airbrush to touch up the photos for a fashion- ready look brought in an extra dose of fun, technique and character to the way users expressed themselves.

The added innovation came through the ‘Kasby’ filters that were handpicked by Atul Kasbekar himself to give each photo a ‘Pin Up’ quality finish. Weekly themes gave users plenty of ideas and situations to innovate and create different selfies. Mirrors, props, lights and a story – were all cues on call to make each selfie be completely ‘unique’ and reflecting of individual style.

The execution

Atul Kasbekar and the model and actress Lisa Haydon launched the campaign at the Signature Fashion Weekender at Mumbai - with a YouTube release of his video tips and the campaign website launch.

In the next few weeks, the app for iOS and Android was launched and Selfies took off on social media. Each week was about a theme to express in – ‘Make an Impression’, ‘Shades of Glasses’, ‘Play Hard’ and ‘Party Shots’. Inspiring content was created by leading fashion bloggers and curated from the latest trends in the world over.

Voting was opened up soon with users voting for their favorites by saying ‘WOW’ or Down-voting with a ‘MEH’.

Celebrities and key opinion leaders from social media were roped in to participate in the trend - Lauren Gottlieb, Lisa Haydon, Tanmay Bhat, Nethra Raghuraman, Rohan Joshi, Gursimran Khamba, Purab Kohli, Miss Malini took selfies and tweeted about the campaign.

The submitted selfies were open for votes from other participants, users and fashion influencers. The selfie with the maximum votes were selected and reviewed by Atul Kasbeskar. The winners got their own portfolio shoot with Atul as campaign gratification.

The results

The campaign gained traction from the word go and was a big success with more than 16,900 entries and 29,614 page views. The users appreciated the technicality of the app calling it an “incredibly convenient” way to take better pictures.

For the two months that the campaign ran, the app saw a total of 29.2K iOS downloads and 45,181 Android downloads. Thousands participated and the number of selfies clicked and uploaded reached over 9500, with voters frantically voting for their favourites. Total number of votes reached around 17,000 with the winner receiving over 200 votes.

The winning selfie was chosen based on its ability to engage with the audience, bring out the individuality of the user and create an impact.

Here’s the case study video: