Shraddha Sharma Posts New Video: Joining An MCN? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Shraddha Sharma Culture Machine court case has some new interesting developments

The Indian YouTube star Shraddha Sharma versus MCN Culture Machine court case has some new developments. To give a background on the court case, Culture Machine, a YouTube certified premium Multi Channel Network (MCN), had recently filed a court case against Shraddha Sharma for breach of contract.

The matter surfaced when last Sunday, I came across a Facebook update shared by Shraddha Sharma. The Facebook update was supported by a video which had Shraddha talking about the case filed by Culture Machine. According to Shraddha, the firm that was managing her YouTube presence, had filed a case against her since she has not renewed the contract. Additionally, the company has also taken over her YouTube channel.

Interestingly, the video that had got more than 3K views on YouTube is no where to be found. The Facebook post and the video both have now been deleted.

Is this because the case is in the court and talking about it might impact the proceedings of the case? A reason which Sameer Pitalwalla, CEO at Culture Machine has stated when being approached by Lighthouse Insights. However he had emphasized that the artist has breached the contract.

The matter is sub judice. However, we have a signed contract with Shraddha which she has breached. We have acted well within our rights and it’s up to the courts to decide the outcome. Our intention isn’t to malign any artist, given that they form the bed rock of our business, but to ensure the integrity of our contractual obligations are maintained.

We have grown the viewership and monetisation of many artists and continue to build on those relationships, as is evident by the strength of our network. Depending on their stature, different artists have different contracts and commitments, and in this case, these commitments have been breached and we had no recourse except legal.”

Meanwhile, Shraddha is working on building her new YouTube channel under the name of Shraddha Supagirl. While she is uploading songs to keep her fans engaged, she has uploaded a brand new video - Joining an MCN? Here are some tips…

The two minute long video talks about what an artist should keep in mind while signing up an MCN and the most important tip - don’t ever give your YouTube password to anyone, like she did. A smart way to keep reminding fans about the case and how to keep supporting her in the cause.

For the rest of the creative people, I suppose they might or will hire a good lawyer before they sign contract papers with any MCN.

For now we will have to wait for the court’s order on the case to understand what really has happened and who owns the YouTube channel.