Shoppers Stop Gives The Perfect Festive Look To Bloggers

by Vinaya Naidu on November 20, 2021

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Retail brands and Diwali are like long lost twins. Come Diwali and every retail marketer has grand plans laid ahead for the festive month. This Diwali, Shoppers Stop, the retail brand that urges you to start something new has partnered with Indiblogger, an Indian blogging community to launch ‘The Perfect Festive Look’ blogging contest. A simple blogging contest that is more about pictures than about words, that is more about getting people to explore your online store than about you raving about your goods.

All one has to do is browse the Shoppers Stop online store, put together an apparel and accessorize it to bring together the perfect festive look for the season. The most stylish looks will win gift vouchers from the brand with the grand prize winner taking home a voucher worth 20,000, two winners take 10,000 each, four winners take 5000 each and twenty winners take 1000 each, summing up to Rs. 1 Lk worth of merchandise from Shopper’s Stop.


About the Perfect Festive Look contest

The contest guidelines are simple just as all blogging contests at Indiblogger. Only fresh entries written for the contest will be eligible, so bloggers would need to create a new post and not submit an earlier one. Winners will be chosen by the brand based on creativity and originality. To add to this, IndiVine votes also do not matter so that eliminates the chance for bias. (IndiVine votes is a system of voting within the blogger community at Indiblogger). You do not need to get your post liked by your family and friends anymore, just let your creative juices do all the talking.

The contest is on till the 3rd of December and has managed to get 29 entries even as I write this. The tempting prizes and the creative potential of the contest is bound to attract many more submissions, though I couldn’t find a forum topic for it. Usually for every contest, there is a fresh thread dedicated to getting the blogger community to talk about it and get their doubts clarified. Anyways, I  was more inclined to know about the social media promotions by the brand, as this alone would factor into increased visibility.

The Perfect Festive Look on social media

A contest guideline asks entries to have a link to the online store site. This would help increase eyeballs to the site. Apart from that, I saw the contest being promoted on the Shoppers Stop Facebook page too. This is probably the first time a blogging contest by a brand has been promoted on its Facebook page too. A similar move can be seen on the Twitter page, that shares a link to the Facebook update. Hosting a contest on a dedicated bloggers’ platform and then associating it with your Facebook wall and Twitter page is quite clever and completes the loop. Brands need to create integrated campaigns to reach out to all its community.

However, I fail to understand the need for displaying the Twitter hashtag #ssperfectlook at the blogging contest page, without associating the brand’s Twitter page beside it. As per the team at Indiblogger, the hashtag can be used by bloggers while promoting their entries on Twitter, while the brand keeps a track of conversations happening around #ssperfectlook. But, going by the zero tweets under the hashtag, it seems to be irrelevant. Such hashtags serve well during an offline event that needs to be live-tweeted. I would expect at least the brand’s Twitter account to make use of it!

So, is there something that has been overlooked in the Perfect Festive Look promotion? I think its Pinterest. The contest could have easily incorporated Pinterest especially when the contest revolved around visuals and Pinterest being the most in-vogue visual platform in recent times. Users could put up their festive ensemble onto a dedicated board and flaunt it. This has a twofold advantage for the brand: (i) promote the Shoppers Stop Pinterest page and build the community, and (ii) strategize further visual contests on Pinterest rather than on blogging platforms.

Will you give a shot to the Perfect Festive Look contest? Is there anything they could have done better?

Vinaya Naidu

Co-Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. A student of life, art and building relationships. Love to read just about anything and strongly believe that books make a beautiful world.

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