Shoppers Stop Engaging Via #sstweetstore – A Unique Twitter Game

A post about #sstweetstore, a unique game on Twitter started by retail giant Shoppers Stop


These days brands will go to any length to get their hashtags trending including launching a tweet store! Ever since Shoppers Stop announced the #sstweetstore contest today at least 5 hours ago on Twitter, there’s been a traffic jam on its specially created microsite. The retail brand that thrives on its tagline ‘Start Something New’ has indeed started something new. This is perhaps the first time in India that a brand has leveraged Twitter along with a microsite to weave a fun tweeting contest that is entirely based on chance.


How does #sstweetstore work?

So if your stars are aligned perfectly today, start tweeting with the hashtag #sstweetstore and who knows if your tweet is on the lucky time, you could win surprises. As you can see in the screenshot of the microsite, the figure 409 is the number of tweets remaining for the 800th tweet. The tweeter with the 800th tweet wins the displayed prize – Flying machine headphones! Sometime back, the prize was a gift voucher worth Rs.1000 for the 1000th tweeter. Makes one feel like she is in a casino!

At the bottom is a tweet ticker that displays the tweet and the number assigned to it. Since the application pulling out the tweets with #sstweetstore is too fast and furious, I can’t seem to match the tweets with the ones at Twitter. Nevertheless, the app on the microsite works in real time. And then the winner for the headphones was already announced with the counter getting initialised from 300 again. This time the 300th tweeter grabs a gift voucher worth Rs. 500/-

Simultaneously, the winners are being announced on the brands Twitter page. Although there is a ‘Winners’ tab on the microsite itself, it hasn’t been updated yet. It’s been more than 5 hours and the brand has managed to generate 7154 tweets till now, when I visited last.


What good does #sstweetstore do for Shoppers Stop?

If you give a cursory glance to the tweets containing #sstweetstore, you will notice that most of them are inane while a few of them are really excited about this concept, but surely everybody wants to win. The thing that stood out for me is the concept - it has not been designed to target any of the influencers but brings out a totally random selection of tweeters. Also you never know what prize can come up next. This could go down well with regular contest tweeters who believe that prizes are always won by the Twitter influencers as well as keep the engagement levels soaring.

The other point is the tweet rate - 7154 tweets in 5 hours flat is commendable. But still it was not enough to get it at the top trending topics as yet, though as per Trendsmap Mumbai, it did trend for a short while. While a few digital marketers might find this concept unique, exciting and engaging in its own way including me, I still have a problem with the nature of tweets. What value add do such tweets give the brand? Had Shoppers Stop announced a routine contest on Twitter without the trouble of creating a microsite, would it have been any different for the brand?

Could #sstweetstore have been better?

Definitely! For starters, the brand should have given a theme to the contest like maybe tweet about what you like about the brand or wish the brand to do something it hasn’t already. This would yield a two-fold benefit to the brand - a) Shoppers Stop could have access to a market research at the same cost, and b) keeping the ‘opportunistic’ tweeters at bay; why give away prizes for the heck of it?

Also, there could have been bidding points announced randomly. Since tweeters know 409 counters are yet to be filled, they might stop tweeting and wait for the counter to reach closer to some low number. This might slow down the pace of tweeting. Besides, the excitement of being able to win at a random bidding point is lost to the tweeter.

What do you think about #sstweetstore? In starting something new, has @Shoppersstop created a new trend in Twitter engagement?