Customers And Sellers Through Social Media Customers And Sellers Through Social Media

India is known to the world for it’s culture and art but it’s not so often when we find a platform that showcases contemporary Indian designs and handcrafted works. Well not any more, Shopo does it and does in style. The rich and amazing colors blended in their website makes the style statement. Shopo the brainchild of Krithika Nelson and Theyagarajan S is a portal to encourage traditional and handicraft artisans by showcasing their hidden talents. Shopo with an amazing concept has an enriching presence on social media and this made us excited to have a look.

Shopo’s Social Media Presence

Website: You really can’t say much other than a ‘Wow! Shopo you score full marks here in color, layout, etc. Placing of social buttons right next to each item is smart to make it viral. Details about the seller, ways to reach them and tailor made products make Shopo an online shoppers delight. Shopo has really taken care of all the operations hassles very well leaving the buyers and sellers to enjoy as they are supposed to do.

TIP: One thing Shopo can do is placing the social network icons on the top corner of the page. One really can’t see the buttons right now.

Facebook: Shopo has major presence on two major social networks and one of them is Facebook. The objective is to showcase the talent of Shopo on Facebook and creating a brand presence. With 300 plus fans, Shopo is doing things right by using the medium well by creating awareness, questioning thoughts of fans and creating a genuine engagement which can be seen in one of the threads.

Shopo's Facebook Engagement

With the wall, Shopo has used the video section by including it’s own video. Though it is just one video but after seeing the video we want to ask why are you not uploading some more.

Though we would recommend some more initiatives from Shopo so that it can strengthen its Facebook marketing and make its community happy.

  • Get a landing page for Shopo and if you really dont want to invest money then google for free ones. One can also try on photoshop and upload the jpeg as a landing page. Whatever it be this is the first point of attracting the customers so make it attractive and keep changing it. Make it theme based.
  • Make the optimum use of the display image(540*180) and brand your self on it.
  • Using other apps such as ‘Questions’ and ‘Discussions’ could be one more arena for community engagement
  • Sharing helpful information other than your products could be useful to your community. You can talk more about your sellers, could share about certain products about how can they be made useful, may be fashion tips, etc.
  • Informal engagement and rewarding loyal fans could be some other ways to make your Facebook fan page more exciting.

Twitter: 140 characters has its own charm and Shopo is trying to get a feel of it. The intiative seems to be into its early phase but Shopo is making a decent effort. The Background page gives you the same look of its website which is cool. One would appreciate the humor and curiosity weaved in with each tweet.

Shopo's Twitter Engagement

The tweets are about links to its own product and some information too. Since the Twitter engagement seems new we would like it if Shopo incorporates some of the tips listed below to make the most of Twitter marketing.

  • Twitter needs more constant touch with fans so some more updates will make your streamline active. Make a  point to spread your tweets along the timeline to avoid spamming.
  • Connecting with your target customers. Try Follwerwonk and Twellow.
  • Provide initiative for sellers too so that they trust you to display their products in Shopo.
  • Informative links that could be helpful to your community should be shared more.
  • Engagement should be more with your community. The talks could be general ones, feedback on certain products, etc.

Blog: A blog is a brand mouthpiece and Shopo knows it well. The blog has interesting content with interviews about sellers, their achievements etc. Small enhancements to the blog will surely make Shopo a darling to its customers and readers.

  • Shopo placing your blog icon with your list of social networks on the website will help you and customers too.
  • Post more frequently. Posts could be the enhancements, updates, etc. about Shopo. They could be also a place to introduce your sellers etc.
  • We like the market street photography contest that brings in variety too, so introduce them and talk more about them on the blog.
  • With your content you need to spread the word too. So sharing buttons on the post is a must.
  • Simple widgets like popular posts, most commented posts, etc. could add more glamour to the blog and ease of use for readers.

To have a social presence is one thing but to use it effectively is the core of social media and Shopo is doing both.